Help a lost Shaman!!!

Hello! Well guys i leveling a shaman and become lost… omfg… What kind of build i will be and start accumulate many kind of itens for caster, ranged and melee…

I’m currently like this

I’m at the beginning of ultimate story… So i’ll ask to ideas for looking over… i’m in love with wind devil and lightning everywhere…with this principle what can I do?

Send the ideas in grimtools format PLZ

Thanks :smiley:

There are several Druid/Elementalist builds here which may help.

If you want to stick with Shaman only though you could max out Primal Spirit for another pet and Grasping/Entangling Vines to help all your pets out. Max Blood Pact and Ground Slam too if you go that route.

It’s not clear what you want to do. A caster? A pet build? And, btw, there’re things really wrong, like the fact that you’re not using a second class and you’re using the Kraken devotion (read the description, it works only with 2h weapons).

U seem to focus mainly on Totem damage, so i guess a totem build?
(also, lvl 40 gear at 70? seriously???)
Max out Stormcaller Pact and the totem and absolutely get a 2nd class! u need the stats from the mastery bar ,defensive talents and CC.
Making a Warden(add Soldier) is a good choice to increase survivebility.

Take a Inquisitor and Word of Renewal .Deadly aim wil do fine in this build to.You can drop the pet later on.