Help/advice for my Saboteur

Forgive me, its my first time posting, but i just got so excited: I finally made a good build that i didnt follow step by step off this forum! haha

I’m looking for constructive criticism and any tips to tweak her even better.

I combined a classic with the SR set. I give you: The SR N&O Saboteur

I’m still testing her out, but when i see how far she gets, i’ll update the SR stats. So far she WRECKED the main story.

Picture changed at the advice of Nery, thank you for the advice

  • [DW Melee] [] (g5) (crucible) (shattered realm) [N&O is back baby!] (worbucks777)

    • Damage: Pierce, Fire, Cold
    • Active Skills: Firestrike, Shadowstrike, Ring of Steel
    • Passive Skills: Vindictive Flame, Flame Touched, Veil of Shadows
    • WPS Skills: Explosive Strike, Execution, Bel Shears, AQC, Whirling death

Build compendium is the place where you post links and short description of build already posted in classes and skills section.

You probably skipped the rules for posting. For future reference, you can click quote on someone’s post to see how they made their submissions, yours have many flaws, biggest is the lack of dedicated topic.

Also picture in this thread doesn’t make sense, since it’s occupy half of the screen.

@worbucks777 hello, welcome to the forum

Nery is right, this thread is for compendium, any discussion of particular builds should be done somewhere else, otherwise it’ll make keeping track of compendium submissions harder for me. Asking @medea_fleecestealer to fork your build it into a separate thread. Don’t worry, I perfectly understand your excitement, nothing bad happened.

Done. :grinning:

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Nery: i was hoping for some criticism on the build itself, but i’ll take what i can get! haha sorry for the incorrect post. I misread the submission guide.

Thanks Medea for splitting my thread.

Nery: what did you mean about my photo? do you want the fullscreen screenshot? I just cropped for the stats, but i can post the fullscreen

Sorry for the mix up. thanks for getting my thread split. I was so excited i didnt read all the way through the submission guide.

Nery thought you wanted to include screenshot in your compendium submission, which I assumed wasn’t your intention to begin with.

I can’t criticize your build much myself, but you can check out this very similar saboteur by mad_lee