Help Brainstorming for 2H-Chaosblade

Greetings, i found a nice green Axe and a Scythe giving good Physical->Chaos-Conversion. So i got the Idea of knight of Chaos, Witchblade, 2H-Melee.
It’s only a idea imo and while brainstorming about it i could not decide if

this :

or this:

would be the better basic picture of a Devotion Setup.

What are youre ideas/opinions?

Ups…completly forgot…after the first build idead i thought it would make sense to got Chaos/Vit because they seem to work together well.

May I ask, what class do you want to use and what skill will be your main damage source?

Anyways, I’d recommend you concentrate on one of these damage types, cuz both chaos and vitality require some specific gear (mainly I mean the gear with various resistance reduction BUT flat and % damage stacking is also a matter of utmost importance) as well as constellations to be effective.
Moreover, you’ll aslo need damage conversion gear (or a constellation in rare cases), depending on the skill and damage type you’ll chose, because any amount of unconverted damage counts as a considerable dps loss.

As for the devotion setup, here are some examples for 2h pure-chaos witchblades: from Chthon’s Burning Void - Chaos based Cadence Witchblade from my Eldritch Arc Witchblade

Without gear it’s hard to say. Sometimes you just pick up a weak devotion to cover a weakness that is otherwise to painfull to cover with gear. I wouldn’t recommend Behemoth regardless it’s an absolutely shitty devotion. It heals you for about 4k life only and another 3k over the next 10 seconds. With end game gear and even 1% ADCTH you will heal more than that per hit wielding a 2 hander.

The setup with Aeon’s looks better. Resetting both ghoul and dying god procs on demand will vastly increase your overall DPS and survivability.

I’d try this for a chaos 2h build in terms of devotions

I have a Lev. 50 and a lev. 75 Weapon with physical->Chaos-conversion 45%+,
should be enough until i get something better because the Char is still only a idea :slight_smile:

It should be a Witchblade , Witchfire&Possession from the Occultist, Mehir’s Will/Fighting Spirit/Field Command+Squad tactics from the Soldier
the Rest…no Idea

Cadence or Blade Arc as Mainattack, at least until i find some good skill granted by Items or componets

And constellations…well that was the question i asked…wich of the two setups would be better or are both crap because i missed something important.

Thanks, that give me a direction.
For some reason i didn’t showed your post as i wrote my last one^^.

Have a nive Christmas-Season!

don’t know if you thought about weapons but this set supports chaos