Help Creating Barefoot Mod Please?

Hello! I’m trying to make a mod which achieves at least one, and possibly two of the following.

I would like my character to appear barefoot if I don’t have any boots equipped, as a minimum.

I would also like to make equippable boots invisible to then remain barefoot. Weird, I know, but I want it.

The thing is, I’m not sure how to go about it. I don’t know that I’m good enough at modeling to create it properly from scratch, so I was hoping to find one of the bare feet models in the game… most zombies are barefoot, as are children, etc, so the models are already there, though I realize they may need tweaking, but I can’t seem to find any of the models or textures for them.

The models and textures for the feet of zombies and children seem to be built in, not a separate model, like a GearFeet item.

Any ideas?

In anyway you would have to get into modeling either to make a new feet or a new char model, if you want your invisible boots work properly (Since current player model is only a head, the rest is default gear).
Not worth an effort, frankly speaking…
You could use zombie mesh though. But it doesn’t play nice with player animation. And looks nasty
-edit. Also zombies appear to lack some bones. Not even sure gear will work properly

Hmm… so maybe some way to copy the mesh of the zombies’ lower legs and feet, and merge it with the bones and constraints of the default boots?

Is there a list anywhere of what the various files actually are? Or some way to link a given model in game, to what files it’s using?