Help for a build

Hey there!

With the arrival of the new expansion I’ve been wanting to make a build with cold and vitality damage. I was thinking using the Soulrend weapon.
While I am certain I’d like to use necromancer, I am unsure what the second class should be.

Nightblade is the obvious choice, as Soulrend does grant some nightblade skills, but I’m unsure if that would be too squishy.


currently playing a reaper (NB+necro) with a soulrend. finshed elite yesterday and didn’t start ultimate yet. worked pretty well in veteran (didn’t have a soulrend yet, obviously). elite was a cakewalk, didn’t die a single time and basically just breezed through it without any issues.

no idea if it will be viable in ultimate. hope so :slight_smile:

Could you possibly get me a grim tool link of your build? Would be very interesting to see:)

here’s the current state (end of elite)

had some useful items lying around in the shared stash, so the build was kinda OP for elite. farmed the soulrend with that toon in elite SoT (after killing log and before starting the expansion content).

do you have leveling guide for this build?

With this new update, what would be best build to get to end game?
sceleton necro?