Help for newbie

Hi !
I’m looking for some advices for my necro build. I didn’t played so much Grimdawn (means I do understand mechanics but don’t have much exp and don’t understand everytime the slang Grim Dawn language :D). So and I searched a bit but didn’t found so much info right now (which is normal, the DLC is quite fresh :P).
So basically I’d like to play the necro as a DoT caster with mobility (if possible). The type of dmg is not really important to me right now. I prefer to not facetank because I like to CC and kitte.
Any suggestions ? :slight_smile:
Cheers !

I’m gonna try necro + nightblade. I love some skills from nightblade and want to play a necro. I just know that I want to play it DoTs & CC.
Any advices for skills / Devotions much appreciated :smiley:
cheers !