Help for spin2win Eor build

Hello Guys,

I’m a new comer here, I spent a lot of times in this forum looking for one specific subject but with no success, I hope you can help me.

Tonight, I’m playing to GD for the first time with 3 friends (it is their first time too) during non stop 2 days. I decide to go for the spin2win builld and I looking for a build, weapons, stuffs, 2 classes and talents to choose.

I love dual weapons but when I read subject apparently it is better to go for 2h for damage or shield and sword for tanking. I love doing lot of melee damage but not dying :wink: I want spin2win for zoning but also something to fast kill one target/elite/boss. My friend will go probably go on arcanist, shaman and necro or soldier

Can you help me to define my basic line of thing to do for good spin2win :

  • Which 2nd class I have to take ?
  • Did I have to go on 2 1 handed weapon, 1h and 1 shield or 2h ?
  • What are the most recommended talents for both classes ?
  • What items/set I have to looking for ?
  • What statistics I have to looking for ?

You can share, a link to grimtools or subject if you have one that can fit

Thank you a lot


talent? its called skill

anyway, here is a budget build guide that I made which is quite popular ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds it is the second build.

Hi malawiglenn,

Yes I mean skills
Thank you for the guide, I already read it carefully but one aspect of this guide isobscur for me probably because it is my first time in this game.
The best way to play spintowin is with 2 shields ? Am I going to do enough damage with 2 shields ?

Thank you,


2 shields what? read the guide more careful :slight_smile: the “totally normal shield” is a mace that looks like a shield.

Yes in the grimtools, I see 2 shields but you are right it is a mace :wink:

So ok, I have to go on soldier as second class and dual (with 1 shield and 1h weapon)

I think I will better understand the guide during the game. I will follow it

Thank you a lot, it will help so much

People kept asking to be able to dual wield shields - that’s Crate’s answer. You’ll find several different ones in the game in secret or out of the way locations.

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