Help me, cant beat ancient grove with my warlord

dont know why.
the manticore can kill me quick
the endboss kill me quick. cant facetank, cant realy kite him
can i optimize my build/gear?

you have basically no healing, i’m betting that’s your main issue

gargabol does this here thing where you can’t facetank him 24/7
he has a fast close range “swipe”/shotgun attack, which in general can be hard to dodge, but should be able to survive it if hit
then he spawns rosebushes, you want to kill them asap
arena has fire hoses, try to not stand in the fire ofc
and then the big one, he has a volcano attack which you have to move away from
he will sorta fold his hands together touching the ground, then a second later volcanoes spawn under your feet, you need to move when you see him do this animation

PS, you have put way too many points into spirit

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Lifesteal: 5%. On a low-damage build…
Get more lifesteal, something like 30%.
You also have too low OA to proc Assassin’s Mark and Blind Fury reliably. Not to mention Blind Fure wont proc well from Blitz.

it’s a phys build, not a vitality build,
aside from not needing 30% lifesteal, it’s way uncommon for phys builds reaching that high, specially when it’s not a gunner that gets hydra/left side devos


Could you please try to read the intention of a thread and provide sensible feedback given this content?

A bit more attack damage converted to health surely will help, more OA would also be nice. But also use that you don’t need to facetank - your main damage dealer should be Blitz - so Blitz - disengage - Blitz (just try to avoid a Blitz into the shotgun attack or onto two volcanos)

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Then, i think, he should stack some HP regen, at least. Relying solely on potions and kiting to survive is just a wishful thinking IMO.

In this encounter (final boss of this dungeon) - it should work fine enough as alternative to get better gear / devotion change. For the campaign map, the build should currently work (not great - but also not painful bad).

For a pure Blitz - kite attacker, more health regen would be nice - but this would be a different build (as the investment in RF would not make that much sense then). The build should however improve and get a bit more attack damage converted to health before e.g. reaching Korvaak / the Master of Flesh.

“some” regen does basically nothing,
you need a decent amount to have it be helpful, and usually to reach just a bare minimum helpful amount you need to make a somewhat “effort”/investment, which would detract from other things
it’s mostly not just something you slap on as a band aid, because you probably either don’t get enough or somewhat waste the investment, specially when as a weapon attacker you could probably have gotten lifesteal for less effort

In my experience - in the campaign - rather low values are already feelable - e.g. having 400 vs 100 (as it is in most cases not the only mean of substain). Having a health regen value of around 1000 already brings quite some substain for the campaign (health regen and endgame - well, that is another and largely sad story)

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ye that’s actually my target number too, 800-1000 seems to be a decent low end sweetspot,
depending on overall char ofc,
like if it’s some glassy thing and without defensive/heal procs it might not exactly feel comfy taking big hits and waiting 5minutes to regen it up :sweat_smile:

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I don’t see the need for maxing both Righteous Fervour and Blitz. Your gear supports Blitz better so I would go with that. However I’d suggest dropping RF and grabbing Cadence with its deadly momentum bonus. Your attack speed is laughably low for a big auto attack investment, just use Cadence as WPS proccer and Deadly momentum bonus. Also I didn’t see any damage reduction?


Just to give you an idea what a potential cadence / deadly momentum / Blitz build could look - using your gear or faction gear and affix-less MI replacements. War Cry has no 100% uptime, but should help enough. Disclaimer: This is not a really optimized build, just a quick–made sketch - Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

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Yeah, i’d rather got Cadence instead, to add Deadly Momentum buff to Blitz.

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Uh. Thx guys.

I just copied the blitz warlord build from the “top20 build threads here”.

I thought now i have a sick build. high dmg. high viability.
but it seems the build only works with great mi and the legendarys.

Saldy. My own crafted builds are stronger than my warlord right now.

I’m a little disappointed. my expectations of the warlord were different.

and yes. I have no chance of getting life again. When my life goes low I run away like a chicken.
I think there are monsters in the ancient groves that let me “fumble” so that I don’t hit everything anymore.

Phys Blitz Warlord SR75-76, no short rooms [9.7 test] - 5:56 - YouTube this was the build i tried to copy. But i miss some gear pieces :confused:

The build you used as base has 9% life leech (armor and ring, likely even 10% as maximum roles gear is used) - your build has 5% (and only for the weapon) - together with the higher damage, this makes quite a difference - as your build - like you have seen - simply cannot regain enough health with your hits. Your much lower OA also does no help here, as Assassin’s Mark needs a critical hit.

So, while the general concept works (and imho rather well) even without the final gear, until you have it, you must make some adjustments to have enough substain.

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build works “as advertised” when assembled as advertised,
until then maybe use a different template, like the beginner budget blitzer warlord, and then tweak from there with the items you have, to get somewhere in a middle ground state between the starter budget and end kit

thx everyone.

i underestimated how important the right rolls on the mi are and maybe the legendary items.

i thought if i get the same mis, the same build and devotion points, and be good to roll :smiley:

edit: i won. i beat ancient grove.
the secret? run like a chicken if blitz on cooldown. blitz hit 3x run away :smiley:


congratz :slight_smile: (and you used the classical kite strategy)

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Everybody kite when Gargie in the boss room. :joy:

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You should’ve copied top-1 build, then - Avenger Archon. It can work pretty well even with generic gear. Or top-5, or top-6, or top-7… All those can level with the same skills they use in endgame and facetank their enemies. Blitz isnt meant to facetank.

Yes, there are. Especially a nasty basilisk miniboss that spams poison AoE and puts 50% fumble.

Strong enough builds can just facetank it anyways, or kill it before it casts any volcano.

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