Help Me Decide Second Class for Cold DW Melee!

Hello fellow Grim people, I want to do a Deathmarked DW melee build, but I can’t make up my mind. I seen @fordprefect’s Dervish build, looks good but no rr for Oathkeeper. Trickster seems good; has auto attack, good exclusive skill, hp/da skill, and most importantly rr. Reaper has good benefits but not too familiar with necro class yet. Spellbreaker has potential as well. I tried looking for builds but they all seem outdated/different than dw melee. Can anyone recommend something please?

Do you even

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No test patch for me, been following Belgo and Darkblaze mainly.

Edit: need to go check changelog.

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Ele res on GoE? Yummy!

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Yeah, that will be cool!

But for now I would go for Infiltrator. It’s solid class, instant damage reduction and second heal. And aura for passive RR suits DW melee style without need for extra buttons for it.

Blademaster is also fine option, if we exclude lack of RR. Spellbreaker and Tricksters tend to be glassier options, SB have active defenses in Mirror and Null to compensate though. Trickster look great on paper but it’s thin and Wind Devils would suck pre-test patch. Reaper should be also decent defensively but damage is lackluster.

EDIT: I did version with 4pieces and Chillwhisper helmet for Blade Spirits mod.


Hmm build looks great! Would you recommend dropping helmet for Deathmarked one for rr and phys res? Also maybe drop some points from BS into seal maybe?

The thing is RR skill is locked behind active skill, which isn’t optimal option. For Blademaster class (I have tried that as well) full Deathmarked is still way ahead. But on Infiltrator you don’t benefit greatly from it.

Still on non-Crucible setup I would use full set and Seal, since build without is a bit too glassy.

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Saboteur, anyone? Saboteur, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

I’ve crafted this for myself a coupla months ago after scrapping my DM Blademaster, which was also okay, but surprisingly quite squishy. Sabo’s health is also pretty low (wanted to take Giant for some extra), but at least has fumble, Blast Shield, more “stable” damage and overall better itemization.


After Deathmark Dervish will be probably best possible Deathmark variant.

You need to use Korba Helmet and lose set RR. After Korba buffs at, using full Korba might perform better.

Not that strong but good enough.

Deathmarked Reaper is a bit too piano(atleast for me), constantly using ABB, BH and set RR does not provide QoL. But besides Deathmark set; you can combine Spectral Axe(or maybe 2x of this for more AoE) and Malkadar Sword to make a good DW Cold Reaper.

I’ve tried that; quite a good damage. AQC with boost and Explosive Strike feels very good but definitely too squishy, and stats are hard to balance.

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SB hits like a truck in 1191 but you need 2 ugdenbog chillstrifes for it (i haven’t tested cold breaker in 1192 yet, probably will try tomorrow)
Example of breaker


Thanks for replies everyone, looks like I need multiple cold DW builds lol.

Q: Best cold melee?
A: Converted to pierce.