[] Frozen from the Ugdenbog - Cold Spellbreaker [c+] [sr+]




Celestial Avatar of Mogdrogen

SR 75-76

SR 80

SR 85

Crucible 4.19 run

Crucible 4.07 run with some tweaks

Credits to KoS9K as author of the build who did not want to post it because of laziness, but allowed me to do it

Special thanks: Safarel, afanasenkov26, omnitrio, mad_lee, KoS9K, grey-maybe, banana_peel
I also want to thank all Safarel Discord Community
Save file https://mega.nz/file/DWoGlR4Z#fZiyIUWbKB3B_bHgrtl7S0UucSU6mZtIpomdz0l6Res


I’ve seen Slith fight better than you! :joy_cat:


TOO LAZY for posting my builds.:kissing:

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Many builders have pilots doing runs for them so why can’t it be the other way around.

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Thanks for posted this awesome.
I’m still looking for the most balance build for Spellbreaker, hope this one suits my style.

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Have you tried Super Bosses (Celestials)?

It easily kills lokarr (i’d like to see who doesn’t) and with some tweaks can kill mogdrogen

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Made 4.14 with some tweaks by crucible mafia. Will try to beat 4.10


Added new Crucible vid

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6x double rares? I would use Silver Sentinel shoulders or purple pants and leave it at the respectful number of 5 :smile:

To OP, I mean OP’s good job with the build and nice result!


New vid with Mogdrogen

Added SR85 vid. NOTE: I wouldn’t recommend to go to SR 85 if you are not a good pilot because the build is squishy

Im sorry, but Im new, how is this or any other guide helpful? I cannot see which skills i should go first or even how many points i should invest in certain skills, since they also include item bonuses. How is that of any use to anyone? Please explain how should I read the “calculator”

These are not guides but build posts and assumes you have this gear. Leveling is easy. If you are new to game there are more detalied guides like the beginner builds

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Is this build still relatively viable in the current patch Or would you recommend focusing on a different build…? Thanks

Hello, tested it a little in 1190, still good
Maybe will record some fresh vids later


Ahh, great! Thanks for the update. So, no changes to augments/components, skills or devotions?

I guess yes, if I will change something, I’ll tag you here

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