Help me figure out why did I die

Hey there fellow Takens!
I have recently started playing hardcore to get those last couple of steam achievements, but my first char met her end at level 70, so I’ve come here to ask for your help. My Conjurer died to Nacrathan the Timeless. Before facing him I had no problems at all, enemies were melting, but I’ve got kinda oneshot by this guy (did not even have time to hit a potion). I was dodging the boulders falling from the sky, he just killed me with melee somehow. Do you see any major flaw with my character? (keep in mind this was on ELITE, GT shows ultimate by default) Maybe my armor was a bit low, but I am not sure that warrants such a quick kill…do you have any ideas?
I want to start again (playing HC actually quite fun), and I don’t want to make the same mistake again.

My guess would be he used his debuff on you that took away your Physical Resistance and you ate the heavy Physical Damage from the meteors. It doesn’t help that you only have 1k Armor with 70% Armor Absorption too.

That’s just my guess honestly. There’s a guide for HC and what you need to focus on to survive somewhere on the forums. I would find it but I’m on my phone right now.

Edit: here it is: [] ForgottenKane's Hardcore Survival Guide


This looks kinda bad:

Maybe you could resurrect your character temporarily with GDStash to practice with Nacrathan a little and figure out what killed you so that you learn better. And only then proceed to make another character.

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My typical deaths on HC:

  • nullification noticed too late
  • reflect DMG insta death (chars with WPS)

The rest is easy to overcome/Play around/notice.
Good luck:)

Cmiiw, but I believe that Life/Energy Leech over x second takes directly from the target Life or Energy pool unlike ADCtH. I think I learn this mechanic when playing TQ years ago when I try to leech energy from mob but got nothing as in TQ mobs have a limited energy pool. :thinking:

As to OP, the nova have 16 projectile, if you’re standing on point-blank range, there is a large chance you take all 16 projectile to the face. Most causes of unexpected death here are coming from multi projectile ability anyway.


It’s most likely physical rocks from the sky while being debuffed.

@arivus this could be possible, he was in my face when I died, I will be more careful with these projectile skills.
Thanks everyone for the replies!

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