Help me finish AoM Ultimate with my Purifier


Seeking help for my Purifier build. This is my first character to reach level 100, and despite that, I still very much consider myself to be a novice player.

However, I’ve just reached Barrowholm Villiage in AoM Ultimate, and I’ve hit a pretty hard wall in terms of progressing. My character just doesn’t do enough damage or have the defenses to survive.

So, I’m turning to the community to help me finish AoM Ultimate! Specifically, I’d like advice for skills, devotions, and gear. I need survivability and the DPS to carry me through the final boss.

I recognize that a LOT of my gear is sub-par, and I’m trying to deal with that, but despite grinding through some of the rogue-like dungeons (i’m lucky if I even survive them, tbh), I haven’t found any direct gear upgrades in quite a long time.

Please take a look, and I greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


If that grimtools is accurate, then you are missing a lot of augments. You can shore up those resistances closer to 80% if you have enough rep. The ring/amulet augment slots can also be used to increase DPS.

You are using Inquisitor Seal and standing in it, yes?

By augments you mean components attached to gear? If so, then I believe I have something attached to everything, as best as I can tell, to bring up those resistances.

The rings I definitely used to get some vitality resistance on.

And yes, I’m standing in Inquisitor Seal at every engagement. Let me know if I’m missing something obvious here.


No, augments are in addition to components. They are available for armor at Revered with all friendly factions at level 70/90.
You have augments on your guns - the same applies to armor, and gives various resistances.

You can have components AND augments on gear. Some people miss that, it´s okay.

Your build looks fine, it pretty close to imho the best gunslinging Purifier build, what you mostly lack is proper gear. I´ve played GD a while now, and I have accumulated quite a few gear pieces, that just rot in some pile in my warbunker. If you like, I could give you some stuff, to help with your dps issue.
PM me if you are interested.

Wow, I can’t believe I missed that, thanks a ton. I’ll take a look at that right away.

Thanks for linking that build. The biggest difference I see in devotions is that he doesn’t take Magi. I figured that would be mandatory on a build that uses so much fire damage. Instead, he takes Chariot of the Dead and Revenant. I suppose those are taken for the resistances, leech, and Wayward Soul proc. I’ll make some adjustments to my devotions and try it out.

I also notice he doesn’t use Flashbang in his build. I find that skill way to valuable to drop it, not only to help shred DA, but the chance to confuse really helps prevent getting swarmed.

Throw Flames of Wrath out the window. It isn’t doing you any favors by converting 25% of your fire damage to a type your build doesn’t support. I would find the points to max Inquisitor’s Seal from somewhere. Ulzuin’s Wrath, Vigor, and Static Strike are decent donor candidates.

You’re right about the fire conversion, however I really don’t have anything to replace it with atm. I’ll prioritize getting that swapped out though. I’ll max out Inquisitor’s Seal and see how that helps.

Thanks for the advice!

Not wearing an amulet at all might be better except for the loss of vitality resist. Your actual weapon damage goes up without the amulet, as would that of most of your procs and devotions. I doubt the +2 Censure and proc from the amulet make up for that.

So you can pick up just about any yellow amulet you find. would be a decent faction item. Lose some vitality res and some elemental res you don’t really need, pick up pierce, poison, and bleed res that you’re low on. Use the +2 Word of Renewal to respec so you can keep Censure at 12/12.

Yup, I got into the game and noticed that. I went through my stash and found a decent green ammy that immediately boosted my DPS. Although, i’ll take a look at the amulet you posted. I’m definitely in need of pierce and bleed resist, and that amulet will help a lot. Thanks again.