help me fix this necro build

is there a good way to fix this build, preferably with faction stuff? I have maxed out the Outcast and the Malmouth factions.

I like the playstyle of being a tanky summoner and casting spells to tip the fight in my pets favor, but it’s not working at all in Ultimate. nearly all purples can wipe out all my pets with AoE and I have to rift out waiting for cooldowns every two minutes.

Are you sure you dont’t want to go with a second mastery?

How much GD have you played in total and what is your goal with this char?

You “have to” focus on either pets or doing damage yourself in end-game, especially when you are low on gear and does not have a second mastery

I’d say grab occultist, it has many skills that buffs pets and makes you tanky.

This… :smiley:

Single mastery builds, are/can be, very powerful at lower levels due to being able to concentrate all your points in one place, but, GD is balanced as a dual mastery, thus you are missing out on the 2nd mastery bar (main way of gaining health / energy) and the support of other skills ands pet buffs / healing.

You have few items and devotions that give bonuses to your pets. Decide what you want to be: a petmancer - in which case go for Occultist or Shaman for more pets - or a caster. It’s not easy to do both in this game, certainly not with just one mastery.

yes I kept pushing off choosing a second mastery because I didn’t want to ruin it. I’ll give occultist a try. probably get rid of bone harvest because it was only good for the middle game and focus on pets and debuffs.

Soul Harvest was used in a very popular in the old days build by DaShiv. Nowadays the closest to a viable pet/caster hybrid would be a Reap Spirit Diviner.

well that depends on what you put in the word “viable”