Help me on my 2H melee PHYS/TRAUMA Command Build please!

Hello! I want to make a build that involves flat physical damage, internal trauma and default atk spamming!

I have chosen to have a fire theme on top of it and Commando satisfies everything.

This build is based on something else with Leviathan and different constellations, I made my picks and choises except for equipment, which is beyond my control, but I am focusing on phys and trauma. Defenses and + skillpoints in Soldier because its most of my focus. These items have +6 to all skills…

My problem is that I am torn between Cadence which only triggers on third attack, and only the first 2 attacks are “default attacks” (turns out from other players) and the other one I am thinking is Arc Blade and I am torn if this is end-game viable! I am thinking of using Fire Strike instead but the + soldier skills WOULD buff soldier default attack skills…


Thank you in advance for your wisdom.:slight_smile:

I had an old commando build that did pretty well, he uses a 2H weapon and is a force wave/blitz build. I use blitz to go in (and out if I need to run away) and hit big, then spam force wave. Pretty effective.

Hardest hit so far without being fully potted up is 207, 867.

I used gear choices to max resists otherwise I’d have the +6 to soldier skills also.

Switch in the pieces you want and add or subtract points from tree accordingly.

This build and constellation setup hits like an EFFIN truck…and obviously put stat points where you want, I was just having fun and putting them all in cunning which I was still able to finish ult mode with.

Also: Open Hand of Mercy’s %reduction to resists stacks with Break Morale from War Cry line and Assassin’s Mark Devotion Proc for massive reduction to physical resist on enemies. Plus the %dmg reduction that War Cry puts on mobs is also amazing for facetanking. Especially when rocking over 2k armor and 100% armor absorbtion.

Also2: I used Tinkerer’s Ingenuity / Veterancy / Bull constellation to reduce the phys I needed to equip the 970phys requirement pieces by 37% Bull = 10, Tinkerer = 15, Veterancy with 5 points = 12. Because I wanted to put all 90 points into Cunning for the hell of it and Tinkerer’s also gives that much needed bleed / poison resist that this build sorely lacks.

You’ll have so many different AoE abilities from procs, especially the OP Blind Fury proc from Oleron constellation that Fighting Form is kinda useless and I only use it as a 1 pointer for a little bit of extra damage from +skills that I get from gear.

I like using Cadence obviously because of the +skills from gear, but also because of the high weapon dmg procs which affects your internal trauma DoT. If you crit with Cadence at like 400% weapon dmg then your DoT is increased accordingly making it tick for A TON of damage. Plus having 3 attacks per second it will proc crazy fast all the time.

Here’s a link to how DoTs work in Grim Dawn

I have a 2H Blademaster version with Forcewave. There is a good killspeed.
It also works with a Commando.

Thanks for your builds and suggestions people!

I notice that most of you don’t use Markovian’s advantage or zolhan
s technique even though by not putting a point in each and with a default attack skill, you are missing out on 6+6 worth of points of procs and buffs :S

forcewave IS NOT a default attack, right?

Forcewave with Tremor can be used as a default attack, although it isn’t a default attack replacer. the main difference is that it scales with cast speed not attack speed.

so you play like a physical caster with a spammable spell (works like PRM, DEE, Jacks with modifier and the like for casters).

so forcewave + normal physical buffs + cast speed? doable

hope it can help you
sure not the exact thing you are looking for

What my problem is, with +6 skillpoints from soldier, I THINK that targeting Markovian’s Advantage and Zolhan’s Technique makes sense.

Thus I am thinking of using a default attack (from soldier again, +6 bro).
Cadence isn’t nuking crowds fast enough and I attract too much attention.
Blade arc is bleed focused.
Forcewave is a spell, not a default weapon attack :expressionless:

What is left is Fire Strike but its passives are meh and I don’t want to invest farther than 20 progress in it.

Is there any way to make Cadence better? Right now its nuking one dude at a time and triggering aoes of various kinds but not enough to explode crowds. Part of this is my lack of understanding of the synergies, part is the texts not being clear enough, part my stubborness to make pure physical + internal trauma build.

Perhaps do Shaman instead of Demolitionist? No interest in electricity, would do Fire tho, 2h phys/fire is fantastic to see for me!

Why does everybody get Leviathan and not Stonefist?

Leviathan has almost 1.5x more max base damage than Stonefist.

but Stonefist is available at lvl 50 and its an alternative weapon if you dont have Levianthan that is available at lvl 75 :slight_smile:

Yeah, but it’s not a BiS.