Help me optimize my Witchblade

I know the witchblade concept is a tried and true one, but I haven’t seen one in a while quite like mine (which may be because I just missed it).

It has solid OA/DA at 3k and 3.3k without proc buffs.

Ok attack speed at 180%, but I’m worried the damage output is way too low.

Obviously it’s defenses will be very strong with overguard up (100% shield block chance AND shield recovery), but to remove the cooldown reduces my damage even further.

Anyone have any advice on how to optimize this guy?

Thank you!

I think it’s very well crafted. I like it.

Made a few tweaks here and there, but it doesn’t need much fixing at all.

Essentially, I picked up targo’s anvil, changed the skills to which your devotions were bound to, and I shifted 1 point from field command to blindside for DA shred.

What’s the DPS on this bad boy? The only way to fix the DPS issue is to get more flat damage. This is where you’re gimping yourself in terms of both item choices, and devotion pathing. E.g. olerson’s might vs obelisk; doom vs menhir’s bastion; etc. etc.

how are you on items? A quick view

Siegebreaker or octavius shield would be better.

Kuba Mi pants for + 3 deadly momentum (4 with shields above). Oleron belt or Gladiator and max second rite;) Loads of flat phys dmg.

Thanks for the help guys!

Belt and pants are a nice upgrade for damage. Reason I went with the shield is it is the only one with that high a chance to block. Anything else and I can’t hit 100% chance to block.

At +80% you are already doing well. at that point %damage blocked is way more potent than % block imo. So sheld wall for example.

Judging by dmg per hit calculation sheet on grim calc your dmg output is indeed low for direct dmg char. You are lacking any ADCTH which should be major part of your sustain. Also w/o bastion up and that’s roughly only 1/3 of time your lightning and especially cold resistance is way to low.
You should check earlier S&B WB setups it could give you some nice pointers.