Help me pick my next gaming monitor!

Ok so I will be buying a new gaming rig this fall so I am looking to buy a nice monitor to use on my current system, then switch it to my new system.

My budget is around 250-300 and I am not after anything specific like needs to be 27" or needs to be curved.

I want a nice monitor that will play games like GD, WoW, Borderlands 3, DAoC, etc. I am not into competitive gameplay at all.

The company I work for gets me a discount on Amazon and Walmart gift cards so must be purchased from one of those 2 places.

I haven’t kept up on monitors so I don’t know good brands vs bad brands or if there are specific features I just need to have. I am not worried about power drain and I am not eco concerned about it.

Any recommendations I should look at?

It depends on your graphic card:

  • if you have an NVidia GForce, buy a monitor with “G-Sync” inside;
  • if you have another brand, buy a monitor with “Freesync”.

Then, a lot of Hz is better.
For example, have a look at Azus, Acer or Iiyama monitors. Azus are more exempensive than Acer, but slightly better. I don’t know exctly for Iiyama, but they have a good reputation.
Finally, it’s my taste, but I prefer glossy monitors.

Oh, I forgot: if you want a television set good for gaming, opt for QLED rather than OLED. They have more Hz. You won’t regret it.