Help me pick my second class

Well, looks like I made a sorceress by mistake. Figured I would go ahead and play some while waiting for a current guide to be done for pyromancer.

@feelgodstoya - looking forward to your guide and appreciate the time you will put into it for us noobs.

Any tips for leveling a sorceress". I am struggling some with bosses as I have to use alot of potions. Perhaps I am being stupid and not seeing an ability that recovers health. Only level 16 at the moment. Is there any recommended devotions that would help?

Appreciate any help.

sorc is as strong as pyro maybe even better on offensive side… nothing is lost

for sorc, rhowans crown is kinda must for RR… since there is no spesific dw pistol or range devotionhydra is ok you can combine hp resist regen ele dps and att speed…

Sorry to burst your bubble but sorcerers have no innate heal and usually require some kiting while Mirror is down. You need Mirror of Ereoctes, you need Maiven’s Sphere, you need Blast Shield, and you need defensive devotions. Tortoise and/or Dryad are good early ones, later you can add/swap for Behemoth. Ghoul might not be horrible as it gives you a burst of attack speed and life steal at low health.

Great thing is even if you sacrifice some offensive power for these devotions, there’s so much DPS potential in the class that you’ll still stomp everything.

I’m interest in it too. I’ve tried DW pyro and can’t facetank to all nemesis yet, especially fabius and iron maiden. Just killing them is really hard.

Wanna learn how can you do it very well as you claimed. Looking forward to your guide.

Two Deviltongue provide the heal!