Help me pick my second class

Hello everyone,

Been enjoying my blademaster and as luck would have it have found gear for other classes before my blademaster. I would like to start a new class with dual pistols. Since I am still new to the game I do not know the builds that well. I prefer not to use pets on this build.

Would like to stay range as much as possible and nuke from afar knowing I will be taking hits especially from bosses. I don’t want to have to kite so no poison or acid build if that’s a thing.

What is a fun build the community could recommend for me?

Thanks for any help in advance


Its really hard to make DW pistol build that doesn’t require some or much kiting. For that you would need absolutely bis gear and defensive devotion/equipment/skill setup.
I didn’t find any DW pistol build posted on forum that is capable of facetanking nemesis.
Stating that I managed to make nemesis facetankable DW pistol pyromancer but to be that tanky I had to sacrifice much of offensive potential of that build.
I will post that build in next few days, as son as my free time allows me to polish it bit more.

Dual pistols is kinda bad compared to dual melee. Emenies are fast in GD, so range doesn’t prove to be as much of an advantage as in most ARPGs. Melee weapons do more damage and there are a lot of procs that shine in melee.

Well you never told us your first class so its hard to pick a 2nd class.
Are you going to use Firestrike, Cadence or Amarastas Blade Burst as your main Dual Ranged Skill

After continuing to lurk here reading through post it seems that doing a pyromancer would be a good start. I have about 7 pistol relics that from seeing builds are ideal. I hate to think there are no builds that could use them compared to weapons.

I did mention that my first class is a blademaster (nightblade/soldier). Just thought I could make a range class with the gear I have found. Will be using firestrike

No that’s your first character, I assumed when you said help pick your 2nd class you meant you already decided on 1 of the 6 classes and you wanted help deciding which 2nd class you wanted to add to it :slight_smile:

Come on Jov, that’s not entirely true ^^

Admittedly, it’s only Fabius in that thread but it’s still a face-tanked Nemesis. (It’s kind of my pet project to build Nemesis capable Gunslingers)

You can also do Nemesis with a Sorcerer, but I agree that you need BiS gear. I currently have two builds that work, one based around Healing Rain devotion, the other stacking ADCTH/-rr. They’re just not very efficient so I wouldn’t choose them for end-game farming.

But, for playing through the game and completing Ultimate you’ll be fine. My first char was a Gunslinger Sorc and I had no problems finishing Ultimate, self-found. It’s a fun build to play too. I would recommend the Mad Sorcerer thread as a starting point.

i assumed your first class is demo, 2 classes actually better than other options for dual pistol imo, its gonna be either occultist or arcanist… rest options like nblade or soldier i am not fan of.

tho i dont get why&how people get the idea of dw pistols cant facetank nemesis or abit weak… they are not number 1 builds in GD but dual pistol pyro prolly can facetank ALL nemesis as good as markovian guys imo and kill fasterat least thats what i used to

i am listing the tools what makes pyro actually godtier boss killer

**demo has MOST broken skill in the game already FLASHBANG… reducing enemy DA + fumble + impaired aim with 1 sec cooldown or someshit, it even fucking slows enemies… i mean SERIOUSLY???

**demo also has EZ access to reduce enemy fire + chaos resist with mines… on top of that exterminus pistol, solaels witchblade, manticore acid spray, black star of deceit, rhowans crown : build easily can reach -80,100 chaos and fire res reduction on enemies = EASY BOSS KILL

** super ez damage scaling, with weapon damage and flat damages = easy to gear and can reach +50k dmg with okish gear easily + there are tons of items that support build so gearing is so ez

** tons of CC options, flashbang canister bomb bwc, grenado knockdown

** easy access to attack speed, solaels witchfire + vindictive flame

** 1 point in sigil + 1 point in destruction with 8-15 life leech : you can prolly facetank 5 fabius with decent dmg and defenses , not even counting fumble from flashbang- and no you dont need tree of life or obelisk of menhir etc, occultist already has most you need for fabius

** occultist alone is fucking broken support class
a) you have decent dmg absorb from possesion %12
b) you have free physical resistance from AotG %10-12 depends
c) self sustain heal spell ty blood of dreeg
d) you dont give a fuck about psn resist on items
e) attack speed buff
f) GG curse to reduce fire res and slow enemies
h) 1 pet heals you, other pet buffs your dmg and they dont die much
i) you have decent chaos res which makes gearing ez, cause you dont need psn resist on items and dont search chaos resist like other classes
j) not reccommend using but still, doom bolt is there as an option to nuke things down if needed

– both classes has insane amounts of flat OA also makes synergy on top for dps part… flame touched + dreeg, reaching +2.8k oa is easiest thing in grim dawn history
– meanwhile class is kinda tanky as fuck with min %15 phys res with just golemborn equipped, can get decent armor so ez and armorb abosrb

bla bla goes on… i am shocked less people discovered the HUGE potential of dw pyro, and no you dont need exterminus or devils tongue to make it so good… its just class synergy is way too good… like spellbreaker to me

Sry forgot about that build :undecided:

Idk did you tried to build one to see for your self, If you didnt try it and you will see :slight_smile:

i dont got your point ?

i dont talk things that i dont know or i am capable of… i have 1 dw pyro already did everything in grim dawn as written there facetanking all nemesis and killing them soooooooooo fast included

i assume you are joking? or trying to triggering me to post video or something ?:wink:

I’d actually like to see an updated Pyro Gunslinger guide, if anyone can be bothered ^^ I don’t remember seeing one for a few patches.


then challange accepted sir :wink:

i just need 2-3 days to put video with small guide, reason is

last time we talked with jov, i respected my char to grenado + bwc pyro, and grenado 3 mt radius giving me aids already :frowning:

monday is my offday, even working at home these days and spending rest of time with my gf-> she literally hates my arpg addiction sometimes, i cant take risk these days lol

but sure as promised 2-3 days it will be ready…

Hahah, nice one, dude. I look forward to it :wink:

Not just video post the build guide, you would probably save me bunch of time polishing my build and making guide :wink:

I have pure BWC build, tho is sorcerer, it melts everything :slight_smile:

bwc is awesome and loving the playstyle but problem is,

grenado 3 mt radius, its totally so aids man… 3 fucking meter radius :cry::cry::cry:

You dont need grenado, just BWC, high energy regen, IK set/warpfire, you can drop MQ with it in ~30 secs, burn ftw :wink:

Like he said Bwc is ridiculous, no matter what your second class is, if you spam it like JOV(i assume it’s spam) or not. I did commando/high potency and it had huge burn damage.

Edit: And grenado after lvl 40 is no longer aids:)

lol well i said 2 times, and here comes 3

bwc is fine :smiley: and i dont want to play pure bwc…

grenado is not :smiley: 3mt radius is simply garbage its like TSS low/decent aoeeven tss is super random

also grenado has low synergy with pyro prolly thats another reason i didnt like much… lets see

Well…what can i say…One likes what one likes.:slight_smile: With CDR and ulzuin’s chosen overcapped I love it. Skyfire too.

You can always combine BWC with greater fireblast :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I do, you just need some high energy regen thats why I do think that arcanist is best option as second, tho occultist could be nice also.