Help me to improve my poison Warlord for Callagadra

Well if you can’t tank to long, than resort to hit and run tactics.

This. To fully facetank Calla you need a special build. Op build has literally zero sustain outside Dryad (million dollar question: how many Dryads would you need to full facetank Calla?) . And you need to heal to full between her hits every time if you want full facetank. Oa is low af which means you’ll miss her often and not heal. But most importantly Retribution must be maxed on this build. Build has close to no dmg output for that retal. Also, no Messanger of War.

I was really having a good stable fight with her. Got her hp down to 25-30% left fully facetanking. But than there were a few burst of damage in a row, and than i got killed.

Pretty strange since the only passive that kicks in, is at 50% of her hp. I was allready beyond that point.

Since you are a retal build with decent shield (when relic buff is active), have you tried adding something like Hammer and some adcth for leech? Dryad is intermittent and Giant’s probably gets activated at the start of the fight.

Or put Giant’s on Menhir’s Will so that when you are take a near death hit, you get a massive heal and regen at that point.

You probably will have to accept some kiting no matter what the tweaks, though.

I facetanked her with S&B Warborn Witchblade and almost facetanked her with modified dual-wield Belgothian Infiltrator. You actually need more OA and damage to leech something of her.

When was the last time you did that? The last time I tried one of my leechtanks against her (25% ADCTH + 300k dps), I couldn’t leech anything substantial to stay alive. Even with 75% phys resist. She is highly resistant to leech now. Also there’s that crazy cumulative damage that comes with all her pet winds + her debuffs + her attack

I think Belgothian Infiltrator kill was back in (pretty much the same pach), here is the video.

S&B Witchblade was back in or, it was much slower, but was basically a snoozefest..

Making Sword and Board Soldier to counter Kallagadra is super easy. Also, retaliation Warlords with Stoneguard just destroy her.


Need to give it another try. Your belgo fight looks very similar to my warlod’s, even though I have so much more toughness and a shield. In fact, it’s even tanker than your witchblade. Does Vire’s Might effect stacks btw? That could explain it.

No idea what you mean by that.

Sorry, Fist of Vire proc - devotion Vire the Stone Matron. Debuff - 20% reduced physical damage for 5 sec

ah, nope. It does not.

@mad_lee I am surprised that a S&B Witchblade could do that. May have to adjust mine. :slight_smile:

Here is a video of my attempt with a melee S&B Warlord: (video should be available in 1080p).

The build: (yes my OA sucks).
I am also aware that War Cry and Light of Empyrion don’t stack and such.

Build is created in Gdstash and should be legit with everything.

I guess this build kills very slow?

I might be able to do it with using multiple potions. But still trying to do it only using Tonic of Mending.

I am open for suggestions :slight_smile:

@Vdova Made any improvements yet to your build?

If 6-7 mins for fully facetanking Cally without any consumables is slow, then yes.

Well it took me 12 min with my melee Warlord before i got killed. Probably would have taken me around 15min, i think if i managed to kil her without dying.

Thank You for input. I messed a bit with constelations And the gear And managed to kill her but not 100%facetank. Her first 50%HP I needed to kite like 3-4 Times but other 50% Every time my overguard was on cooldown I needed to kite away And wait for refresh. She was hiting like a truck like she was ignoring my 52% phys. res, 6,5k armor(const. proc) And 83 resistances with about 80+ overcap.

Good to see you to be able to defeat her now. :slight_smile:

I also made some improvements with my melee build. Switched from Targo to Shield Maiden.

Got her health down to around 7- 8 million left. Than again these burst of damage from her kills me. While the fight itself was pretty stable.

So i think there’s still room for improvement to completely facetank her.