Help me to improve my poison Warlord for Callagadra

Hey everyone,

I need serious help to improve my poison retalliation warlord to be able to kill Callagadra. My best is down her to 33% ish than she starts 2 shoot me.

With Oinments and perma buffs my rezists for bleed/vitality/pierce are 70+, Physical resist 36%, armor 4300, DA nearly 3400, 67% block with 4619 damage blocked.

This boss driving me crazy. Non of my 10 lvl 100 characters are able to down her. Tried mostly with Ghol malice Ritualist, Virtue aegis shieldbreaker, Dunefiend Derwish, Physical retalliation warlord. Most of these chars are 90-95% bis equiped.

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I never played a retaliation build, however looking at your devotions i got a few suggestions you could try.

  • Get the skill “Shield Wall” from the “Targo the builder” constellation.

  • you could try the constellation’s which provide damage absorption (like Ishtak or Phoenix).

  • You use 2 retaliation damage types, however you only have resistence reduction for acid and don’t have any for physical.
    Perhaps using “Assassins Blade” constellation? Or try to improve the acid retaliation at the cost of physical retaliation.

Maybe using a nullify skill like “Cleansing Waters” from the Ulo constellation, might help a bit to remove her buff.

You need 70%+ phys res to feel “comfortable” tanking her. Other than abusing the bug that prevents her from spawning her pets/winds, it’s really hard to find a build that can down her without kiting. Just for kicks, try using a well rolled green shield, something like overlords bla bla of thorns. I think you could add 25% phys res just from that.

I killed her basically afking with a cadence warborn s+b warlord with excessively tanky devotions and no pharma, if you arent finding much success try shifting gears to something like that. Felt like cheating.

I’m curious. The classic warborn? Do you have a GT link?

Umm I made it myself so I’m not sure how much of it is considered classic and honestly can’t even remember what most of the gear was. It was by no means a good or normal build, it was built from scratch just to facetank calla without stress. The kill was like 20min lol.

I’ll look through my desktop bookmarks after work tonight, it should be buried there somewhere.

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I am curious about your build. I myself have a melee Cadence s&b Warlord build, that can only facetank her to a little beyond 50% of her health (non retaliation).

Mine was also non ret. I should be able to find the GT soon. Calling it a build is a bit generous - I went excessively tanky, like my OA was some joke of a number like low-mid 2400s or something. My damage was terrible. Was purely to just get the kill on her safely. Respecced back to an actual build immediately afterwards. I threw it together in about 20mins just targeting resists relevant to her damage types and stacking mitigation with some hp regen devos. Regen sucks normally but with the ridiculous mitigation I had, she was barely budging my hp unless overguard was down so it was keeping me topped off nicely, because each hp restored was worth a large amount of effective hp.

GT link soon, just got home. Don’t expect anything other than brain-dead defense spam lol. Just did what I had to for the kill. I’m sure it’s been done better by others :wink:

@Contragor @Mauricius

I went through my hoard for the listed greens + stoneplates looking for armour or % armour affixes and honestly have no idea what I used in practise. This was before I knew how to add affixes in GT so they aren’t listed, just use whatever gives the best defenses and some oa if possible (if you are very lucky, i guess dranghoul would be fantastic). Many of the oddball gear choices were also for % armour or max pierce res.

This was many patches ago, so some skills are beyond overcap and some other stuff probably is out of whack, but you’ll get the idea. Killed calla first attempt:

@jawa Thanks for sharing.

I am surprised if you can still manage to facetank her completely (with tornadoes) with that build.

This is my build: My ingame armor is higher due blacksmith bonus.

I also tried with Menhir’s Bulwark and Menhir’s Bastion. While i do last longer still can’t facetank her all the way.

Yeah, I’m not sure how it worked because I literally didn’t move for the entire fight. It was super comfortable. The tornadoes weren’t even budging my hp, only calla was. My armour was around the same or maybe higher than yours with all of the affixes I think, though. Was too long ago to remember.

Well i was able to get her health down to around 30-35% i believe, however at a certain point she seems to do some burst of damage. So the fight sometimes is a little inconsistent. Maybe due passives on cooldown i don’t know. I think it could be possible to tank her completely, but i don’t know where i could improve.

Are you spamming incorporeal wind mobility augment for fumble?

Yes i have that and continue to spam it.

:thinking: Maybe I did it long enough ago that some nerfs made it not work as well or something? I’m a bit stumped.

If a Ghol Pet Ritualist can’t Kill Cally, you are doing something wrong.
If it is not a Pet build with Ghol, you are doing everything wrong.
Conclusion: Play Pet build.

Btw, for those who want to face tank cally, this thing still works: Drunken Fwuffy - Retaliation Warlord

Thanks for posting Maya. However i want my build to be a melee non retaliation build.

Someone else will have to help with that then :stuck_out_tongue:

Omg! This boss is seriously difficult hard. And perhaps impossible for melee? Except you have to play a tank?