[Help] Movement, Attack and Castspeed

Since I have a hard time modding Grim Dawn, I’d like to know If someone could help out.

There is this Mod:

Which is obviously outdated but does exactly what I want. So, how do I create one myself, that basically does the same, just keeps me in a Custom Game?

So simply, a Mod that makes my Runspeed 200%. Attack and Castspeed at like 2000%?

I would appreciate quick help on what I need to use, what to do. I followed the PDF-Modding Guide, but it is still confusing. I modded Witcher 3. I modded Skyrim and Minecraft, but GD gives me headache, or maybe I just suck?

So I ask you guys for help.

that stuff was fixed a long time ago:

Fixed exploit by loading a custom mod then loading the main campaign.


As I said, keeps me in a Custom Game! :smiley:
I’m trying to figure it out myself now, I got my own, empty Mod. I just wonder where and how do I edit the Attack/Cast/Movementspeed?
I extracted files, made a new mod with a name. I could now build it obviously, but it would do nothing

yep, I should actually read instead of skimming through it, checking the link and assume things :smiley:

/records/creatures/pc/malepc01.dbr and
/records/creatures/pc/femalepc01.dbr respectively
would be the two to check out

Character Parameters/Character Speed in the TreeView on the left inside the DBR editor.

I usually change the characterRunSpeed to 1.1 otherwise I feel like a snail :smiley: might cause issues if you go too high and reach the cap

those are probably in

Okay, first thanks for helping me out!

I open the DBREditor. Open the gameengine.dbr - edit all the stuff I want, but how do I put these changes into my mod? Thats always where I have issues with. Honestly, I would just love to use the simpleandcheat one with the current version but it doesnt really work so well :smiley:

Edit: https://i.imgur.com/onsb5pd.png
This is what I did so far. It should work but it also says the Devotion Cap is 50… which confuses me since my Game is Updated. Let’s assume it works, what shall I do with the edited gameengine.dbr now?

if you have the xpac, the files for that are in
you should get the gameengine.dbr from there

after the values are changed back to Asset Manager and Build the mod with
menu: Build/Build
or hotkey for it: F7

currently there is a bug at least with the Devotion cap, just tried it again with 59 for fun and it was still at 55, some fields work fine others are currently bugged

Jesus, I somehow deleted my DLC. Currently downloading 1.8gb’s to start again, the other DBR… was the wrong one :smiley:

Well, I downloaded a Stash Mod and created a “game” folder for the gameenginer.dbr in there and just copied it in.

Mod -> database -> records -> game -> gameengine.dbr

I copied it in the Stasher V8, do I have to build it again, or will it work as it is?
I figured if I only wanna edit these 3 things, I might add it to one of my favourite mods :smiley:


yeah you have to build it every time you change something. It builds the mod.arz again and *.arc only when you build it with AM and that’s where the game is getting its information from.

Okay, thanks! I hope it works, I will let you know in a bit, I need to learn a lot about modding.