Help my Spellbreaker! Is he broken?

Hey guys!

First i have to say: sorry for my english. I think its not the best, but let my try :).

So, my question is about my spellbreaker with cold-damage.
This is my build:

Its a “Self-Build”, i dont like only to play builds from other guys.

So, my problem is: i take toooo much damage, that is not funny. Im not a professional in this game, but i would think my devotions are to offensive, so i cant really grow up defense, i am right?

Sure, my defense like pierce, bloody etc are not the best, but is this really so a BIG problem?

Hope u can help me with my character, that would be soo nice.

Wish you all a great and nice day!

Your resists could be better but aren’t terrible for 76, though your aether is only 3%

You aren’t using any of the defensive skills in arcanist. Get mirror and the mavens sphere.

For devotions try picking up bat or ghoul for some life steal

i’ve got a tanky spellbreaker i’m working on total damage absorption build…only lvl 30 currenly but i use mavens sphere with health regen…devotions i’m going lizard, ghoul, turtle so far for circuit breakers (auto apply skills when you drop health) with a cold focus with callidors tempest, and flash freeze with pneuma burst maxed with modifieralso sky shard every once in a while with nights chill maxed always

For skills, I’d go like this:

Olexa’s Flash Freeze is not a very good skill, but it’s good enough for clearing stuff on low(er) level. I maxed it assuming bosses 1v1 are not an issue for you. If you have issues with bosses, and normal monsters are not such an issue, go this: or this:

Blade Spirits are fine for lower levels too, because they deal nice damage. Tsunami devotion has been not bound because imo it’s kinda bad, if you want it, get a skill that deals damage over time, for example Haunt relic.


  1. As already said, you don’t take excellent abilities from the Arcanist tree (cf. link above)
  2. You devotion path is a bit to offensive. Try to search for good DW infiltrator builds (there are plenty) and see what devotion path they used.
  3. Max your resistances;
  4. Max your resistances;
  5. Max your resistances.

I hope that helps :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you guys! I will try it out. First step is to remove Olexas flash freeze i think to have skillpoints for the defense skills of arcanist.