[help] Need Blademaster advice

Hello, I’m new to the game… I’ve been playing for around a week and I have a lvl 44 Blademaxtor. I’ve done some research as best as I could to learn about the game and came up with an end game skill build that I like (I will modify it a bit depending on the equip I’ll get) : http://grimcalc.com/build/4KAYLeT

I’d appreciate some advice from you guys about adapting the devotion tree to it coz I’m still getting used to it. If you can, pls focus on cold & bleeding for att, lifesteal and resistances for def, but any suggestions are welcomed.
Basically I’m going for a knockout puncher kept alive by lifesteal and skills.


there are probably more blademaster guides on here than any other build. do a search and find your linking. there are all kinds. it is a very well researched and long standing build, so many good guides around

just make sure u don’t necro a build from 1 year ago :rolleyes:

Honestly, at this point Blademaster is one of the most refined builds out there; there is some, but not a whole lot of, flexibility in how to proceed in an optimal fashion.

Check out GeneralCash’s BM build here to see a well crafted version: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39553

I would not focus on bleeding whatsoever as a BM, it’s a poor choice for bleeding class b/c neither Nightblade nor Soldier can debuff bleeding resistance. Nightblade has a killer passive debuff in Night’s Chill, as you can see it targets poison/acid, cold, and pierce. Therefore some combination of those damage types is optimal for BMs.