Help Needed - Google ID trouble

A friend of an acquaintance of mine was fooled into giving away his ID and Password to someone he met on twitter. He had not met this person, and has no other means to contact them besides twitter.

I don’t know the exact details of it all.

Anyways, unsurprisingly this person (he met) suddenly cut all ties and has changed the password.

Any idea on how to :-

  1. Shut the id down?

  2. Reclaim the id using any means, hacking or otherwise?

  3. Trace the location of the person using it?

Most Google things allow you to add two-factor authentication support, i.e. cell phone number, a list of one time use login codes.

Chances are all of these have been changed though.

PSA: Never give your user id and passwords to anyone, ever.

They have been changed apparently

Yeah, i even asked him why he did it, but his explanation seemed way too long than it should’ve and i was tired

Still open to suggestions

Maybe Google can help.

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When i googled the same thing (maybe with slightly different wording).’s results came out on the top then after browsing through some forums i posted here.

Thanks though

Apparently he did try it.

He says the number to which the code is being sent isn’t in use anymore and there’s no backup/recovery mail.

Is there a way to shut the id down? if someone has suggestions they wouldn’t like to post here i don’t mind them getting pm’d to me

Maybe this Google page?

Also Click Learn more link below field

Yeah, that’s what i’m talking about he tried it. Which is why they rang me up and here i was playing Grim Dawn

This provided some other options.

I think this was tried already. Sorry I was on my cell phone. :slight_smile: