Help - New player - Recommend me a Build


So im new to GD and so far have managed to play thought the game up to ultimate lvl 100 using a Purifier build. My problem is im stuck in limbo now where i need better gear to push further, but cant farm as i dont have the gear to be strong enough.

I cant do crucible, shattered realm, the ‘rogue’ dungeons, or nemesis.

If i go back down to Elite im over leveled and don’t seem to get many if any legendaries and what does drop is low lvl gear.

Link below to my build currently, iv been messing with it trying different devotion setups to increase toughness or increase damage to try get it to work but to no avail.

I’m playing SSF, and have no desire to use cheats. Ill have fun messing with that after iv played the game a few times with SSF builds.

If Purifier just isnt a good choice of 1st build then i dont mind starting over a new char. But i’d very much prefer a build that plays smoothly , no clunkiness. I like the Purifier as its got a smooth play style, move place seal, shoot, activate heal/life steel when needed. I dont want to play a build that has many skills that breaks movement for animation as it feels incredibly clunky to me.

i’ve already checked the build compendiums available but with so many build its hard to find ones that are designed for new players without gear, those capable of farming the gear without having gear already to be specific, combined with the smooth gameplay im after.

Any help appreciated.

Well, as for skills, u should take thermite mine (11/16), flasbang. Also take some points out of ranged expertise and bursting round and invest in Word of Renewal. Also, cap Deadly Aim to 12/12 'cause it’s a huge damage boost. In constellations, take Solael’s Witchblade for rr.
Maybe it should look like this (changed components, augments and relic)

If u have no gear, u may ask for it in official Discord in “trade” section. Or farm in co-op with stronger player.
Here’s a Puri I’d like to recommend, it performs really well.
About classes that are good for beginners - it’s about Warder, Tactician, Warlord, Deathknight.

Interesting paradox,your gear isn’t bad,but stats are awful.You need 2.7 k Offensive and Defensive ability,top priority.Renewal at 13 points will grant you DA for starters.Jewels augments Osyr Temper is usually good.I can’t see devotions from my phone,but probably can pick more OA and DA,also.

How about this, for example?

It’s one of the best builds for starters.

Sure, no build works great without decent items in GD - that’s the common rule. But that build doesnt require any “build-enabler” items to work, is strong, tanky, simple and can work even with mediocre gear. Also it’s very easy to level up.

It’s great, but outdated. U can use the concept.

The thing with dual ranged purifier u need lot of skill points and u don’t have much. Look for up to date purifier. I would go like this. I am not sure about the devo. (I did long ago a dual renagde purfier), This is basic setup. In this case as u can see ur Oa will be 2800 wich is good to kill faster anyone.

I gave up static strike it’s usless i keep on 1 point, but doesnt matter. I gave up explosive strike too for defence u lost only the Wepeon damage, but doesn’t not give too much.

The problem is with dual wielding ranged purifier u need really lot skill points and u can’t spare if u don’t have the set. Explosive strike is the most expensive skill IMO in the game and only thing why u have to max out demolitionist masterbar is to brimstone or hellfire mine if u go with chaos.

It isnt oudated. It was updated, and it still works just as good as before. It needed only a few updates, though, cause concept was untouched thoughout a long time. …

Ok in comments updated…, but i am sick the numbers, if somebody read and usually they don’t want read now with the infinte scrolling the comments, then yeah he will find out.

Author has to update the patch number if he is using.