Help newbie!
Any idea how to buff my pyro ressistances?
On elite it shows me -1 pierce ress :-0
Dps mode worked on veteren but on elite drives me crazy about dying.
I am conflagration and fire strike based character. What kind of changes do you suggest (I know I have to lower my dps by this)

Usually I can survive with my draining life abilities but i really need better res for some bosses and even mobs. Stun res?

Made some change to item, changed to faction item and cheap component. Tweak some skill point and you can change conflagration at that point. Remember at lvl 70 armor augment are unlocked.

Thx a lot! I will try it :slight_smile:

I got small question - if my ress grow over maximum (80?) on Elite difficulity - does it give me some extra ressistance? Or it count only on Ultimate?

There are enemies who can reduce your resistances - so having a buffer of 20-30% above 80% is not only fine but recommended.