HELP! Noobie here. Looking for some help before starting the game.

I bought the bundle on steam today.
The game looks very interesting and fun. But I feel intimidated because of all the information. Ive been looking around this forum for something like a complete beginner’s guide but i haven’t really found one.
So any guides or tips for my first play through?
Like what class or builds to try first?
things that i should and shouldnt be doing?

thank you to anyone who would reply.


Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll find some Builds for Beginners here

This gives you an insight into how the game works

And then there are these which are more detailed


Looks like i have a lot to read.
thank you for all of this.
I really appreciate it!

I recommend only that. It’s not that much reading and covers everthing you need to be on the right track.


Don’t overdo it with the reading. Also the game is pretty forgiving and you can always fix your character if you mess something up. For for the first playthrough I recommend playing not what’s recommended / a build but what you feel like playing. Ask on forum if any problems arise.


Welcome to the forum!

Yeah you can’t learn everything by just reading it, you need to experience so don’t fear improvising. Game is very unique in such ways and you take your time while exploring it. I have over 1k hours since february and today I learned something new thanks to @Norzan.


You’re right, i was overthinking about it.
I will definitely post more questions in the future!

It really is a unique game. looks like i should start racking up my hours!
thanks for the reply!


Initially, just dig in, explore and choose or do whatever looks interesting. The game is awesome once you get to grips with all its features. Your very first character will normally be a royal cock up eventually as you will tend to try to assign points into every available skill. NOTE: This is NOT a bad thing and is encouraged for new players. By all means - try all the available skills of the classes. You can always respec later in game to tune for the skills and synergies that you will start to see viable once you start picking up certain gear and set pieces.

There is no wrong path here and you will get much more enjoyment and achievement by following your own gut instinct. You can definitely look at forum builds and guides for later end game and performance, but trust me, there is no better feeling than finishing the first level act with your own home grown character which you have scoured and explored every last inch of the maps.

Welcome to the Dawn.


Yeah i second the above statement in full, and would love to see what classes and skills you wind up enjoying the most after youve had a chance to play around and experiment!

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