Help summoner build

I see,ok thanks Maya for all

Medea which bosses i need to farm for bysmiel set?

It’s a random drop as far as I know so could find it anywhere in the game.

Ah ok,so i can t farm a specific boss for some set…dang :rofl:
How work the section trade on forum?

We have a couple of threads for trading.

State what you’re looking for, what you have to offer in return and how to get in touch with you (PM here or your Steam ID).

Most items in the game are random drops, only a few sets are farmable.

Many thanks,i will make a list :laughing:

Grimtools item database will tell you which ones drop from specific monsters. If they don’t say then they’re random drops.

The Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods indicators just means when they were added to the game, not that they only drop in those areas.

Ok thank you thank you,i try to open my tread :stuck_out_tongue:

No, not a new thread. I’ve added it to the SC FG legit thread.

Ah sorry,thanks for move it

You was prepared on the drop zones :stuck_out_tongue:
You know any good place for farm mythics or celestial lotus?

The Lotus are found in the Forgotten Gods region. For the Bysmiel set items you’re looking for, I’d recommend doing Shattered Realms runs, I’ve found them there, it might take several runs.

If you’re new and have a character in Ultimate, I’d advise doing the Shattered Realm runs on Elite to learn how it works. Do at least 2 runs so you get maximum amount of chests. A lot of blueprints drop there, sometimes the Lotus too.

Thank you for answer.
Sorry for my ignorance wich are the Forgotten Gods region? :laughing: I’m very newbie.
Shattered Realms at level 1 ,2 runs?

Forgotten Gods is the latest expansion for the game. If you don’t have it, I heartily recommend it. It’s a desert area, and adds a great new class, the Oathkeeper which has 2 immortal pets. Shattered Realms is an endless dungeon which is in this expansion,

When you do Shattered Realms runs,you get more loot chests if you do at least 2 runs at a time. As a new player, don’t worry about beating the timer, it just gives 1 more loot chest.

P.S. Set items drop in Shattered Realms more often than the main game, also blueprints and crafting materials like Lotus. Just keep grinding along and you’ll find some good stuff, better on harder difficulties of course.

Ah ok the desert,i have it.Yes i’m farming an area in Forgotten gods.
Hope to find these celestial lotus to transmute set pieces
Many thanks

A special boss in Forgotten Gods area named The Messanger has about 7% chance to drop it -
go to Korvan City Rift and then head north. he is in Pit of Atonement cave.

Many thanks i will check :laughing:
For a craft i need “Coerched Wrath”, it’s a generic off hand or what?

You know coerched wrath?

Available in the FG areas; Temple of Osyr, Cairan Docks iirc.