Help tweak my WoP build


I’ve been playing for 600+ hours, mostly campaign.
I’m often amazed by how little difference there is between my builds and builds posted by top players… but somehow they always seem to be 3-4 times more effective. Clearly there is a lot of thought that went into then, and things I consider trivial must be more important than I think… but I have no idea WHAT. Or sometimes I just flat out don’t understand WHY they work so well…

I want that insight, and I can’t think of a better way than to apply that thinking to a build I know and have already tinkered with.

Can you guys pick my build apart and tell me how to improve on it ?
Be it gear, skills, devotions … stats I’ve ignored ? Anything is welcome, even “This is trash, start over” if it is warranted and explained.

I’ve always wanted to make a build around Word of Pain (for no particular reason other than I like it). I knew I needed a solid single target attack as well, and I’ve bounced around Storm box, RoH, even changing the other mastery to try Thermite and Mortar or Wind devil and Storm Totems… I’ve tried Aether with blaze Herald, Chaos with Visage of black flame, Pierce with an Infiltrator… I’ve settled on using obliteration for now as it is giving me the best results so far, but it’s much harder to kite with that skill. Yet to try are devastation and PRM.

Basic gameplay is WoP on basically the whole screen to proc Elemental seeker every second, drop Seal underfoot and Obliterate anything with a star next to its name.

Potion, Mirror, Nul, Arcane resonance and WoR when necessary, Glyph out when pressed.
I have a few defensive procs as well that help keep me alive

(Beronath is basically there for the elemental bonus, but I figured I might as well bind it to my left click. I never really use it)

Things I already know need to be improved (But don’t know how) :

Low health
0% physical resistance (No idea where to source that)
Get my hands on a Mythical version of that off-hand
…and I’m probably a pretty mediocre pilot as well, so maybe I just need to get better.

Any and all forms of help are appreciated.

Oh! and if any actual good pilot can take it for a spin so that I can have a feel for how much I’m part of the problem, that would be really cool. :slight_smile:

you are valuing these small +20% elemental damage bonuses too much and not getting enough defenses, OA and DA.

Also flat elemental damage will do nothing for you, since you have almost no weapon damage to apply it with. Furthermore, you seem to have no way of stealing life.

Rhowan crown devotion is useless since you get flat RR from off-hand skill. That RR does not stack with itself.

Some tweaks, I tried to keep most of the items intact only changed shoulder (converting bat) and chest + pants (phys res) and yeah Mythical version of off-hand. Augments, skills, devos, components reworked.

Insane rolled Ascended Vestment (converting more bat dmg to elementa) and Bargoll’s Heart (this can be shop abuse farmed in ancient grove) can be considered as well.

Edit: You might also wanna fool around with devastation:

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Thanks for taking the time, I really appreciate it.

That’s good, I will look that up.

I know, I’m not looking for them, they just… happen I guess ?

You’re right, I don’t

Doh! you’re right… I guess I never bothered to check my devotions since I switched to Obliteration. Thanks!

Thanks a LOT! :smiley:
I don,t really care for most of my gear. Hands are basically the best thing I had lying around, so those could go out as well if needed.

That’S just for Bat, right ? not because there is something in that Armor that I can’t see that’s making it better in and of itself better than what I had ?
…Is Bat THAT good ?
I was under the impression that you had to have an actual attack (as in %of weapon damage) to benefit from Ghoul or Bat.

I guess because elemental resist shred is better than extra damage on WoP ?
I have a few stashed already, I will try it out.

Why Storm box ?
Is it Just to proc devotions ?

I will try that as-is to get a feel for it, thank you very much!

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Then how do you explain this node?


Yes bat is good. Bat has weapon damage. Ghoul will help with that, also high phys res will prevent taking damage.

But tbh, loosing all that phys res not using fateweaver is not gonna be worth having slightly better bat heal and +3 inq seal.

it is not that high damage, but yeah build suffer from arcanist not giving RR. Also temporal tempest convert all fire damage to lightning on WoP, so not really an elemental WoP build you got. Also, WoP is not even the main damage dealer in this build, all the procs and stuff are basically 2/3 of your dps I bet.

Yup, storm box is one of the best devo proccers in the game. Also lowers mob OA so you can crit easier.

Good luck, let me know when you have done the changes :slight_smile: Also you can send the char to me if you want me to test play it when you have done the changes and somehow dont get it to work.

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I think I needed to complete it to get enough purple for Attak Seru… possibly, not sure anymore. Good point anyway.

Got it, that makes a lot of sense.

True that no RR on arcanist makes me scramble for it, and having an extra -12% would help more. Will change that ASAP.

Yeah, the conversion thing is just… there, but I figured it wasn’t meaningful since all my elemental damage bonus apply equally to lightning. The weapon was really there for the extra damage only.

In Campaign WoP actually IS my main damage dealer. The damage on it is enough to kill everything that’s not a boss by itself. I get thought that I can’t rely on it as much if I want to tackle higher difficulties where it won’t cut it as much.

That makes sense. I can probably handle an extra key. Good point.

Trying that tonight for sure!

Thanks a LOT :smiley:

One point storm box can kill everything in campaign with those +% damage bonuses :stuck_out_tongue: never judge a build by how fast it can clear trash mobs in campaign

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True enough. :slight_smile:

One last thing:

2 Seal of might ?
Can they stack or is that just an oversight ?
What else should I put in there if they don,t stack ?

They stack, you can have them both up at the same time.

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You can do that with all toggle skills from components.

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