Help with 2h lightning warder primal striker devotion set up

Hello guys… really need help setting up the RIGHT DEVOTIONS for a 2H lightning / Electrocute warder Primal Striker. ive read so many threads, grimcalcs, posts and now im confused… just need the right direction. im level 84 with only 36k DPS so it sucks right? ive 2 tonic of clarity so i dont want to waste them. im currently playing the latest version via steam, tried to seek some help from other players as well via multiplayer. PLease guide me. many thanks.

post your build from grimtools for starters, then we can properly see what your build looks like, and make changes to it.

Hi, what is right depends on what you want to do. For instance do you wanna focus all in offensive, all in defensive, are you lacking some resistances, do you wanna run faster, and so on. What is right devotions depends on the rest of the build.

I guess since you have picked up Soldier that you will have no issues with Armor, Armor absorption and that you also have pretty good OA and DA.

Anyway, you have to pick up Crown (for Elemental storm), Widow (for arcane bomb), Kraken (2H weapon damage boost). Tempest and Ultos are good more more damage too.

ok so this is my build now… any advice is ver welcome…

really want to focus in DPS… offensive? heres my current build…

Get another weapon that has lots of Physical -> Lightning damage conversion as for starters.

Here are some examples (Greens can be really good too)

Get War cry 12/12 for damage reduction too. And get gear that gives + to primal strike. Ditch storm totem and go Brute force.

Spend next 3 points to get to Ultos proc

You will then have 8 points left that you can spend to get more life/armor/DA whatever

gona try it now… do you have like a guide which ones to get devo first until last? thanks really man…

also I forgot, you need a component in the weapon with phys > ligh conversion too

Remove Blue & Red
Start Ultos

ive been really thinking about this for a while as i read… but… how do you remove the devo one by one? left click? sorry man… first toon… noob… thanks btw.

In grim tools you right click

In game, you go to Spirit guide :slight_smile:

You have also many legendaries, many more than I ever found on my first char. But just so you know, just beacause an item is purple does not per se mean that it is GOOD and better than any green or blue item for the build you have in mind.

I am bit confused why you have so much gear that focuses on physical damage, where your title is “2h lightning warder”?

Study this guide for a bit, sure it has demo as 2nd class and has savagery as main attack but there is plenty of good information for beginners in there for 2H lightning shaman based builds.

told ya man… first toon… noob… xD but hanks for these… :slight_smile:

so… this is my updated build… 51k dps with buff… i still need to change my pants, relic, 1 ring and gloves… any advice? oh my G… my poison and bleed resistance… *sigh

Change the right ring, the elemental to pierce is making you loose lot of damage! (Bladetwister signet)

I did this for you

you can shop rings where-ever and the medal at the blood grove vendor. Just use the reset vendor trick

I know its for devotions. But at lvl 90 get yourself a Coven sky or storm seal or a malmouth arcane seal for both your rings. But definitly get rid of that bladetwister signet NOW. No ring at all is better than that ring.

(The listed rings are all faction items and quite good)

ah I forgot about those faction rings :smiley: