Help with a chaos doom bolt sentinel

Hey,been looking around for a chaos doom bolt build,but havent been able to find what I was looking for so i’m trying to put one togheder,this is what i came up with,any help/fixes would be greatly apreciated

I didnt put any augments or anything i just wanna know if the base is ok,revenant would be linked to movement and the neck has the -15% chaos to bloody pox,first time trying to use the site to generate those items didnt see how to add some specifics:D

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You need to click those tabs:

For item skills binding to be saved properly with 100% chance in Grim Tools you need to bind it just before generating Grim Tools link.

  • I’d consider binding Eldritch Fire to something else (Guardians, Doom Bolt, Judment, Vire’s Might) than Bloody Pox unless you’d like to play Crucible only because its ticking 1/s with 15% chance might take a long time to trigger and be inconsistent on bosses without ads.

  • Why not take Vire’s Might? I find 2 x 2.5s recharge Charge skills on Sentinel to be great for kiting and farming. You’re almost a skater this way.

  • I’m not sure if you’re going to benefit from Flame Torrent (it works at close range) since you will be kiting I think. I’d consider changing it to Bat.

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Hey thanks,i dont know how i completly missed those tabs lol /facepalm

Anyways,yeah…good changes you suggested,eldrich fire to guardians is better,ill change to bat ,and i just forgot vires :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guardians are good unless you’re kiting so hard that they lose aggro constantly (Doom Bolt has a very good range iirc). I wish their aggro range was bump up a little bit. Anyway, these bindings are dependent on playstyle / content you’re doing so you’ll need to test in in the field.

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