Help with almost done build.

Hi I was running until recently with warborn tactician but I switched to octavius tremor build when I found the whole set. Dps wise octavius is leap and bounds above the warborn build but my survival abillity is quite low especially versus smth I can’t really determine but it shreds my hp instantly all I know is that dravis before the tomb uses it and the icon is like green sick skull . Link to build I am thinking of somehow getting ghoul for devo but I am wondering what to get the points out from for it, thinking of boar but I am not really sure. I hope someone with more expirience than me can do some input and I will be really gratefull.
P.S I don’t do crucible mainly rogue dungeons and with FG coming out shattered realm. I reached shard 45 there barely with the warborn build but the dmg and speed was abyssmal , while the facetankiness I built it for wore off above the 40th shard (main reason I switched to octavius). (and god please nerf anesteria and the shade crab :D)