Help with Blood Knight build

Good afternoon fellow players. I come today asking for an opinion and advice. I currently run a bone harvest cold reaper based on InkOsk132 build, with some personal alterations, but since I saw the new blood knight set I knew I had to make a build for it. Problem is i can’t seem to make a decent one. I can’t post the calculator right now as I am at work but it lacks resistances and OA and DA… I came to ask, should I replace my reaper for a death knight? Or am I just wasting time? I want to build around blood knight set but with a two handed since I lobe scythes. Can anyone post a build with nice resistances and good DA and OA? Thanks in advance.

If it helps

2hander is never an easy choice. Also, by the looks of it, the full set will not work good for anything except Death Knight, because bonuses are not spread across more classes.
I will try 3pc (w/o helm) on my 2h melee Ritualist when I get the items, but only because of 3pc bonus. Only shoulders are good on their own in the set.

Yeah ive tried to make Blood Knight set work, but even with the link Superfluff provided, the dmg is simply too low and the survivability is nowhere near what you would want for a tank. OA and DA subpar too, compared to most other builds. You want 3000 DA if your trying to faceroll everything, esp with bad dmg. 2800 is just not good enough.

In conclusion, Ive tried almost everything (crimson spike, edge of death, soulbearer, dreadweaver…) and it still remains worse in almost every regard compared to the popular Krieg’s/Mindwarp DK.

Im hoping they come out with a better medal which I think is really where the build lacks any good options. Rotdrinker and Undying Oath just dont cut it. Dreadchill is also just meh.

BK and survivablility problems?:eek: How so

Oh The Blood Knight sets is awesome, we can make Hybrid Melee + DoT + Pet Builds simultaneously !

Our lovely Crate give me chance to revive The Old Blood Knight and The Old Vampiric Knight with this Awesome Set :smiley:






OA + AS + Physical Res + ADctH + Nice Pets + RR + Cool Looking Appearance

These will make Very Sweet Blood and Vitality Builds (DW or with Shield) :smiley:

I’ll post The Bloody Knights and The Vampiric Knights in New thread later …

Savagery / Cadence Warder Blood Knight uploaded (continuation from previous post) :


Still uploading the Blademaster Blood Knight :wink:

Conjurer? :confused:
The set gives bonuses exclusively to Counter Strike and Bone Harvest, and +all skills in Soldier and Necromancer. So I would really like to see that one and how it actually works for combo of none of the two… Either those pets are monsters and you can barely touch mobs to get everything killed, or I don’t really understand anything.
Would really like to see the GT link. And drop the set pieces to try it out actually.

Sorry for the late response but couldn’t make it earlier. Thank you for the repplies especially to Superfluff and TZ Tz. I made some changes to Superfluff’s build to suit a 2 hander…sort of! I’m not a big theorycrafter honestly. TZ Tz your build looks awsome but I am a necro maniac so it’s mandatory for me, but was awsome to see anyway!

Here’s my Grimtools link, I’d like some imput if possible

What if I told you that Trickster, Commando and Elementalist also works with Blood Knight ? :smiley:

Don’t see only the exact skills bonus on the sets, see the pets bonus too.
The (3) Set Completion Bonus itself already awesome !
With Full Bonus Set, we have Pets that have nice Aura.
Enough to make Tons of Bleeding and Vitality Builds, DW, Shield, Two Handed, even Ranged !

Here’s The Conjurer Blood Knight, will post it later in different forum thread


Sure, I’ll post it when it ready later.
Actually I’m working with DW and Shield version of Bleeding and Vitality Builds with The Blood Knight set.
I’m rarely touch two handed, need further testing… before I can give you any inputs.

But if you want Two Handed Bleeding Build, I have one :slight_smile:

For Bleeding Blood Knight Set Builds, I post it here and currently updated with In Game Pics of the Toons :

For Vitality one, I think I’ll make it on different thread.