Help with Commando build please

Hi Guys and Lads,

IMHO Commando is a weak combo when going phys dmg. I’ve tried everything to make it work. I just can’t. I was lucky do get it to SR70 somehow… but that’s it. I don’t know how to fix it. I can have shit load of HP, many layers of defense and still can’t get enough dps to reliably farm SR65-70.

Maybe I am doing smth wrong, so check out my build:

I feal like without beronath sword, I can’t make it work and it is sad, cause… I choose a lot of items buffing blitz… and without success.

Well it looks like Markovian is made for Soldier + smth. But not soldier + demo for sure :slight_smile: Maybe Markovian could have some bonuses to Demo skills to fix it? Any ideas? Just my 2 cents.

For example Assasin’s mark bound to 2.8 s Forcewave. You’re losing a ton of damage here because you’re not even applying it. Test on a dummy how well Markovian’s Advantage procs it. We’re looking for a very quick activation. Instant or like after 2 seconds. Also in Grim Internals one can turn on debuffs indicators shown on every enemy hero+.

If Markovian’s Advantage doesn’t do it then to Cadence or take some skill from Demo to proc it better (like BWC with modifier or another one [testing needed]). Is there a reason for not having at least 1p in Zoltan’s Technique?

I would find a Markovian’s Bastion/Blitz build on the forum/Discord if I were you to look for the possible improvements.

I’ve been trying a lot of setups around this build. Still can’t get enough dps. Only finding beronath sword can fix it (more flat dmg). One may say that SR70 isn’t that bad… but comparing this full set Makrovian with just typical retal build… Markovian’s is just meh. About assasin’s mark, you are right but still I need this only for bosses, so it is not that important as you may think. Blitz crush all trash mobs in seconds, so no problem here.

The one and only build that can be considered from commando is fire FW with shar’zul worldeater. Other commando builds are complete trash as shown by many tests

Cant you stack internal trauma?
cannister bomb/grenado/forcewave/deadly momentum.

each would apply internal trauma, 2 with % weapon damage

I could, but I want shield and board warior, not flashy bang bang stuff :slight_smile:

So this is not good? [][HC] Erulan Special Forces - Physical melee mortar commando, SR85, 170 crucible and all celestials cleared, no greens

For sure better than my take on Markovian’s commando at this point :slight_smile:

Yeah, the only trouble is you have to farm a few hundred blooms to craft the correct amulet, but I’ve been playing it and it feels pretty good, super hard to get killed and does good damage.