Help with damage dealing in Ultimate

I am struggling to do damage in act 3 ultimate. This is my first time getting that far in hardcore so I think I way overcompensated on the defences of my char. I want roughly to go for a physical warlord.

I levelled up putting every single point in physique. Also mainly with cadence which is an awful idea don’t do that to yourself X.X

My OA was abysmally low sow I have tried to pick up a bunch of nodes that help with that in my devotions.

I have tried to fix damage numbers by switching from “Menhir’s Bulwark” to “Oleron’s Rage” as well as ditching cadence for eye of reckoning. I had no resist reduction to start with so I’ve changed to assassin’s mark in my constellations as well as break morale+celestial prescence in my skills.

As far as gear goes I am equipping whatever can shore up my resists (I don’t have the rep for armor augments yet) and stuff with oa and attack speed if I can help it.

Any sound advice on constellation, skills & gear would be much appreciated!

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay I’m not particularly attached to EoR in any way.

What should the ability be linked to? Dryad is just there for the paths and -% spirit for jewelery.

Could you tell me what is best to drop for those two? I am thinking that I probably don’t need sheild maiden and obelisk of menhir.

Wow that leaped up from 20k to 30k DPS thank you!

I will keep an eye out for a decent 2H in order to spam tremor force waves later on.

How is this looking for now? :