Help with devotion on my spellcaster.

Hi guys! long time since I last posted here.

Been having a blast leveling a spellbreaker, currently about to finish A1 ultimate (first char on ultimate)

I do have 45 devotion points already (missing a few on ultimate) and I wanna min-max’em as hard as I can but the problem that I have is that, in order to have whirpool from leviathan I have to waste a lot of points into useless constelations (and the dmg is really good, it adds up to my combo so nice)

Maybe I’m ignoring something or someone can figure things out another way, I’m open for suggestions.

I’ll leave a few screenshots for reference:

Main stats:
Ofensive stats: +
Defensive stats:
Nightblade skills:
Arcanist skills: (wanna get star pact maxed)
Devotion 1:
Devotion 2:

Bonus question: I’m gonna have 11 skill points left at lv85, should I max shadow dance for the dodge or maiven’s for the damage absorption?

Thanks everyone in advance, I really appreciate your help.

Two more general things do you know ? Its better for skills and devotions and second use the img links from imgur so they pics get shown in the thread and you dont have to click each one and then magnify them… this will increase the chance of people answering to your thread :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont know for SB but for Battlemage the way up to tree of life was pretty good, (turtle, imp, widow, solemn watcher etc)

As an example links should look like this and after the link

I would personally recommend shifting the build (As you already are aiming for Starpact and seeming to focus on Shadow Strike as your primary damage output) to my maxed out CDR spellbreaker build. An ideal perfect build gets SS on a .6 sec CD. Really fun.

If nothing else, you can check my devotions and see if you want to use them for yourself, they are doing me a lot of good personally.

@Icekalt: Thanks man, I was really sleepy when I made the post x.x

@Steelflame: Damn man, your build looks awesome I might consider switching to it, at least the devotion part looks great, I don’t have almost any legendary gear but will try it anyways, looks like fun!

The build works without any legendaries, or you can use Elite Vender gear for a lot of things.

The optimization comes from legends, though. But the entirity of it works quite well on minimal legendaries. I know, because I’m still playing it with only a few legendaries, of which 2-3 are maybe BIS, or are competitive for BIS.

If I understand correctly, you are trying to make a SS melee build, not a caster. You should check out this thread, it’s probably best SS Spellbreaker setup out there. No need to re-invent the wheel.

If you want a caster build, try the aether Phantasmal blades build. I plan to post a thread with a detailed description of my build, but for now this should give you the idea.