Help with Devotion Pathing for Ranged Purifier

It’s been a long time since I last played and I’d like to return with a simple Ranged Purifier because fire fun! I’ve lost all my smarts about devotions by now and if anyone would be helpful in providing me with a proper Devotion pathing for a Ranged Purifier that’d be appreciated! thank you.

I’m not sure if I wish to use 1H DW or 2H Ranged honestly I might switch on whims (the whims being I found a cooler gun or a gun with better stats).

Or if you want to, guide me to understanding Devotions in general so I can help myself in the future.

The skills I wish to use for my Ranged Purifier are

Skeletal Grimtools link to show off the skills I’m wanting to use for this Purifier.


Feel free to scold me for specific skill choices also or what have you.

ignoring your build might being a total mess skill wise
devos can sorta be broken down and simplified in
get a stackable (-x%) RR for your dmg type and flat (n’th reduced) RR if you your build doesn’t get it elsewhere
then (offensively) aim for a tier 3 (outer edge/“big affinity requirement”) devo for your dmg type, ex could be Ulzuin’s Torch for Fire dmg or Ultos for lightning builds or Yugol for cold or acid builds, Azrakaa for pierce builds etc etc.
Then the “inbewteen” is basically up to you, can take dmg procs you like/think is fun, defensive devos or sustain devos or just passives with stats you need like speed or certain types of stats (OA/DA/Phys res/CC res etc) you want or lack.

For a ranged 2h fire dmg build classic devo path could be the mandatory RR, Solael’s Witchblade, which the desired end Tier3 then being Torch, and neat fitting “inbetweens” in that case then Hydra and Kraken because both benefit and apply to 2h ranged specialization. Any additional points spend could then be on other dmg procs or passives or sustain depending on build need.
Then if going 1h/dual wield one could take the same path, but leave out/swap or replace Kraken since it doesn’t apply to anything but 2handers, but ex Hydra is still potentially useful, while RR still being solid/“mandatory”.

Legit a good way to quickly spot this concept is taking a look at other competent builds and notice a sorta rough overall approach as mentioned above
(still with the reminder some stuff will be build specific/chosen based on direct build needs but the approach of devo building still has a general “basic theme”)

Cheers Gnomish!