Help with Devotion!

Hey There,

I’ve been playing the game for a couple of weeks now and am following this build:

It’s outdated I know, but It’s the one I’ve been following since I started the game and It’s worked for me so far. There is, however, one problem. I’m about 4 shrines away from maxing devotion and the only constellations I’m missing are Okklaine’s Lantern and Rathosh. I’ve followed the build I linked to closely but for some reason I’m staying at 7 green devotion and Okklaine needs 10!. Rathosh needs 6 gold devotion but Okklaine gives a bonus 2 gold so it makes sense but I what can’t figure out for the life of me is where am I supposed to get the extra 3 green devotion to make the lantern available!. Have the requirements changed as patches went by? (it is an old build after all).

This driving me crazy so any help would be greatly appreciated!

hi, i dont know which order to do your devotion, but really for a offand i would take this then use biting blades from one of the seals (its a poison skill) and also get eye of the guardian it is gonna help tons


I’m doing a double dagger build and I’m pretty happy with what I have. My question is more in line with how am I missing those 3 green devotion points the build I linked to claims I’m supposed to have. If I follow the build I linked to I end up with 7 green devotion yet it shows 10 as if it somehow bypased the requirements for the lantern.

yes sometimes you have to take and refund a devotion just to get a certain other devotion but idk this one

Thanks, I’ll wait and see if someone can figure it out. If not, the lotus would give me the same bonuses I need to get Rattosh so I can go with that if need be.

The lantern itself gives you the green it needs. You need to spec something like Hawk or Scholar’s light first, then get Lantern and then unspec the Hawk/Light.

There are actually only two things you need to know about devotions:

  1. They can pay for their own requirements (so as soon as you have lantern, the three green it gives, will pay for the requirement of lantern itself).

  2. Devotions don’t loose experience,when you specc out of them.You can always specc out of a big constellation (for example Dying God), without loosing experience on the procc.


  • get your last four shrines
  • specc out of dying god at the spirit guide (it is at the coven hideout, in case you started the Ashes of Malmouth expansion content or at Devil’s Crossing, in case you have not).
  • you now have 10 points at your disposal
  • use these points to grab what you need (i could be more specific, if i knew what you got exactly atm).
  • specc out of “bridges”
  • get your big t3 devotion(s) back.

This is what I needed to know, but so far I only have potions that respect all devotion points. How do I unspeck specific constellations?


At the spirit guide. It is an NPC. If you have started the Ashes of Malmouth xpac content, you will find it at the coven hideout (a few meters behind the Coven leader girl). If you haven’t started the xpac content yet, the NPC is in Devils Crossing in the top right corner.

Got it, thanks a bunch!