Help with DoT build

Hi guys! how you doing?!

I readed the following on reddit

Kite DoT strategy - this school of thought works for DoT poison WH and warlocks and DoT bleed conjurers and tricksters/warders. The idea is very simple: you put enough DoTs on the Queen that her heal becomes irrelevant.

Yeah, i’m talking about Rashalga.

I wanna be able to farm her, get those sexy claws and start a build around those but the only two chars I do have right now can’t kill her.

Since I was already going to start a build I thought, hey! why not start one that can farm her? IDC about farming other stuff, just wanna farm her with this char.

The thing is I don’t have any clue on where to start or which build to follow, the ones I saw were outdated, so if you can point me on where to start that would be awesome.

Thanks and have a great day!

I was in your exact situation some time ago… Then people pointed out this poison/cold WH as one of the best way to farm ultimate these days.

Problem is that there isn’t a specific guide for this build (at least i haven’t found one), so i had to figure the whole thing from single bits of information scattered around the forum.

My WH can farm both sentinels and queen, as well as nemesis, but i cannot be sure mine is powerful as the one the guys in this forum are using…:confused:

Well i’m down to try a witch hunter (sounds cool too) so if you don’t mind sharing your experience, grim calc or images would be good :smiley:

Max Vulnerability, max Night’s Chill, take Acid Spray and Tainted Eruption, and you are set…:smiley:

Seriously, tomorrow i will give you more info, but its a difficult build to screw even if you try to make one all by yourself.

This is my bleeding build vs her

It’s one of my first build actually, I fucked my stats up but didn’t have the time and patience to remake a new char. The idea is simple, find as many sources of bleeding damage that you can, then button smashing furiously and gtfo before she may deal any damage.
My DóT come from: Bloodsong, Brutallax, Vileblood mantle, Slaughter relic, Savagery, Eagle, Swarm/Rend…

oh so that’s your video! i saw it on youtube and wanted to ask about it, i’ll send you a pm!