Help with Elementalist

This was my first character. I had to rework it a lot, but I think it’s not enough powerful yet. Here are my skills:

My gear is basically Ulzuin set + Barrelsmith guns (I have Ulzuim shotgun as second one, but I can use several devotions with my autoattacks thanks to barrelsmith passives).

I’m thinking about making my first no-legit character, copying this one and removing shaman class. I’d like to use another class to synergie with my fire build, any advice?

Greetings and thanks!

Build with the resistances.

I have problems with some monsters. For example, the Ch’thonic tyrants of the final act are fire resistant and I need a lot of shots to take them down. In addition, they crush me in 2-3 attacks. That’s one of the reasons I think this build needs a rework.

I thought about 2 ways, one focused in bosses adding wind devils to reduce elemental resistance (include fire) and the use of Flashbang to reduce enemy defense.

The other problem is Grenado. I think it was a good spell against some monsters, but it has low damage and little radius, is there another better option? I don’t play chaos, so thermine mine isn’t a better choice since it only reduces chaos resistance (why??!!??!?!?!).


Get rid of grenado it is a horrible skill.
You are much better off putting points in Thermite mines for the %resist reduction. Most people say put enough points in it to reach 9 points with +skills.
If you don’t have any flat resist reduction then grab BWC with transmuter and max out agonizing flames. If you do have a source of flat resist reduction then just take BWC and Transmuter for the reduced OA and Physical Damage.
Get rid of points in stunjacks (1 point in Cannister bomb and 3 in Concussive bomb is a much better stun)
Also putting points in Flash Bomb & Searing Light can up your Damage and survivability. (It ups your damage as you will crit more)

Elementalist is not very good with dual guns imo, that build works best as a Pyromancer. If you really want to remake the char with a trainer and switch over to Pyromance,r refer to this thread, it’s a decent guide on dual guns Pyromancer:

If you want to stick with Elementalist and make the most out of it, you can try:
-drop Grenado entirely. The skill will never deal more damage than your Fire Strike shots and is thus basically a waste of points, spec out of it imo. Even if Barrelsmith’s set buffs it it’s counterintuitive to use it in a Fire Strike build.
-without Grenado, Ulzuin’s Chosen makes no sense so drop that as well
-pick up Flashbang, it’s both a great damage booste and defensive skill with the modifier Searing Light
-no need to put more than one point into oak skin, it’s a mediocre skill overall
-pick up Wendigo Totem, great survivability skill
-grab Thermite Mine, great resist reduction
-If you have the skill points to go up to Stormcaller’s Pact in Shaman, I would try that: it’s an insane damage boost if you have enough OA to constantly crit.

Ok, thanks for the answers. I think I can modify my character and then make another one in better conditions. First of all, lets optimize it.

  • Change stun jacks for Canister Bomb+transmuter.
  • No grenado.
  • Blackwater Cocktail to reduce enemy defenses.
  • Flashbang+transmuter for more crits.

I have questions about other points you said:

  • Wendigo Totem isn’t too good for me. I have a nice lifesteal, so my problem are the nukers. Wendigo will restore some health, but probably not the best option for a character wich has to kite.
  • Thermite Mine reduces chaos resistance and my build is only fire/physical, so doesn’t help (maybe for my other character going fire/chaos).
  • Oak skin gives me nice piercing resistance. I used there some points because I expended too many points in the shaman tree at the beggining. That’s all.
  • Why Stormcaller’s Pact? It’s for lightning build, doesn’t it?
  • Do you think I should change Barrelsmith’s set? I have several devotions applied to the autoattacks thanks to the 3 bonuses (both guns and set).


Thermite mine reduces fire and lightning resists. Its 2nd skill reduces chaos resists.

Unless you have 2500 OA or more then storm callers pact is useless for you. It gives really good global crit damage bonus so its good for any crit build.

Don’t put so many points in spirit, not worth the damage increase here especially when we have no significant % spirit boost to get extra value out of it and focus on health in gear/devo too

High lifesteal is a great way to survive but if you have 5500 you are just gonna get fuckin bopped at some point

+1 to all the other advice too

Yeah, I’ll try using less lifesteal and using another component in one of the guns. I had to put spirit because the character shoots very quickly and I haven’t got enought time to use 2 mana potions. After using the first one, I use all the mana and I the elixir is still in cooldawn. That’s the reason I had to put so many points into spirit.

Thanks for the thermite mine. I was using grimcalc and it doesn’t say anything about that, but I saw what you said ingame. I’ll try to make some modifications tomorrow.


PD: I have around 7,4k health thanks to shaman skills. I forgot to active the auras before posting the image.

I heavily recommend rebuilding yourself into a lightning focused Elementalist, which is fairly powerful, with just having Fire/Chaos as secondary damage types that are just sort of there.

I don’t know if you have a good gun for it, but if you have a good lightning 2Her, I’d probably recommend that. Especially with the nerfs dual pistols got this patch for Fire Strike line.

Raka’Jax would be the ideal legendary for that (It’s craftable, meaning you can easily trade for one from some other player), with Empowered Sparkbolt Arbolast being second choice. would be the devotions and skills for such a mutation of your build. I would recommend using a trainer to remove the spirit points, as they are a noobtrab, and not worth having at all in your build. I mean, you were considering a trainer to flat out remove the Shaman mastery, so I think a smaller change isn’t that bad in comparison. Note that I didn’t overlevel anything, as I don’t know what gear you will have access to, but never let Heart of the Wild go over 10 points, and any points you take out of it pump into the flashbang line. I’d also lock Vindictive Flame to whatever rank gives 10% total speed, and thats it. Again, pump flashbang skills with extra points.

Spirit points in general are a noob trab unless you are an arcanist, and even if you are an arcanist generally is a noobtrab. Infact, anything not Physique is a noobtrab in 95% of cases.

I can’t imagine you’re surviving well with only 7.4k HP. That’s very low. You might want to switch your Obsidian Grasp out for Runic Bracers if possible, it’s a very good defensive item. Wyrmbone Handguards would also work nicely if you can get a pair. Besides that I don’t know what your devotions look like but you might consider tweaking them for some more defensive (especially HP) related stuff.

I got Wyrmbone Handguards. It has a nice passive. Anyway, I’m still too squishy. I should think about more changes.

My devotions are offensive:

I apply 5 devotions to my autoattack and one more to Thermite mine I changed the build with the advices of this post and I have to thank you all. Thermite Mine is pretty good. I could beat the Mad Queen today (I thought it was impossible with this character) and improves the damage against bosses. It’s not easy to use it. I need more practise.

Canister bomb is nice too. Beter area than stun jacks and Flashband is also a good complement.

I’ll try to improve survivability to finish the build. I have 3 finished builds and I want to finish this one too to start a new champ.


EDIT: Video killing Moosilauke, the Chillwind:

Thank you guys for the advices. I got another lifesteal signet and got Wyrmbone Handguards too. Now I have 9,7k health points and manage to survive better. I’m still testing some fights and making a few videos. I’ll probably upload a guide with all the information after testing (I want to beat BoC challenger).


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