Help with farming a weapon

For my 5 damage candence nightblade I’m looking for Ugdenbog Boltthrower you know where it’s best to farm windengo heroes wiki says they drop it

I’m guessing the Den of the Wendigo, but I can’t test it because I didn’t make that choice in the questline.

I think you have to kill Scorv (when you first meet him) - and become unfriendly with Barrowholm - to gain access to this area. - I’m guessing this is the item you mean. It’s indeed dropped by Cult of the Wendigo mobs, which according to this page ( spawn in the Forlorn Cellar and the Den of the Wendigo; they can be found ‘under’ Barrowholm… Either becoming hostile with Barrowholm (which is the faster option) or doing their questline up to a certain point will grant you access.