Help with Fire Strike rifle build needed.

I’ve hit lvl 32 on my Commando, and I think I’m regretting picking up Soldier as my second mastery. I’m using the Firestrike line and I just picked up a Brimstone Repeater( which has doubled my DPS. I am just not really seeing the utility in Soldier for this build.

A few items:

  • I’m using Fire Strike and Flashbang. I’ve experimented with Thermite Mines, but I’m finding them to be underwhelming. Should I pick up Grenado or Canister instead (I am stacking fire dmg).

  • What should I pick up for my secondary mastery? I’ve been reading about Arcanist, but am unsure.

  • What devotions, ultimately, should I be shooting for? Currently I’m using Hawk/Spider/Magi, but I’m really bad with the system.


Soldier is great support class for a Demo build. It gives:

  • HP! 1 point in Soldier Mastery gives 6 Physique, vs 2 Physique for Arcanist Mastery
  • toughness (Military Conditioning, Decorated Soldier, Scars of Battle)
  • boost to damage (Squad Tactics), and Offensive Ability & Movement speed (Oleron’s Rage and to some extent Field Command)

If it’s your first character then Soldier is a safe choice, especially when the game gets a bit tougher in Ultimate. It’s also easier, in my opinion, to make a good end game character (Nemesis boss hunting / Crucible) with Commando rather than Sorcerer.

For devotions, for levelling with a 2H weapon, you want to go for Kraken ASAP as it gives a massive boost to 2H damage. The quick route would be:
+1 Green
Scholar’s Light
+1 Blue
Eel (3 points) or Sailor’s Guide (4 points, but more useful early on IMO)
(Check if you need to keep Hawk for the reduced cunning requirement for ranged weapons)

I would also take Viper fairly soon for the resist reduction, and then head towards either Rhowan’s Crown for the Elemental Storm de-buff (Empty Crown is a good choice to get the affinity), or Soliel’s Witchblade for Eldritch Fire. Bind one of those to Fire Strike.

There are lots of final devotion setups you could go for; if you go all offensive, which works for levelling, then start building up points to get Ulzuin’s torch.

I have a fairly defensive setup on my 2H ranged Commando, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for levelling unless you are struggling:

Flashbang is great…make sure you take Searing Light as well to reduce enemy damage. I always like to max out Flashbang if I have the points, but don’t take Searing Light past 7 as it doesn’t scale well after that.

Thermite Mines are good on bosses for the resist reduction on Hellfire Mine, but skill points can be in short supply on a Fire Strike Commando, so I would only put a few points in and try and boost it from gear. They are also just annoying to use on anything but bosses :slight_smile:

Your main damage should come from Fire Strike and Brimstone, so boosting things like Canister and Grenado is a waste of time really. Once you have Fire Strike line maxed I would aim to get Oleron’s rage to 12/12 myself.

These are just my own thoughts, but hope that helps.

Thank you, Ving.

EDIT: lol. My sheet DPS went from ~2600 to about ~4500. Thanks again.