Help with GDStash

The stash/inventory files are not showing up with the program. According to the help pages I been viewing it should automatically be there I am assuming as I would he would tell you if something more needed to be done for that to happen. So the Drop down box which should have those files in it has nothing in it at all. Its just blank with nothing at all to select. Anyone have any ideas?

If you see no stash files that is because there are no stash files in the save dir you specified. Which probably means you picked the wrong save dir… unless you are new to the game and have no shared stash yet as you have not progressed to that point

As the help says, it is either C:\Users<username>\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save for local saves or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata<folder of numbers>\219990\remote\save for cloud saves (assuming you have Steam installed in its default location).

I pointed it to the correct directory as it was stated in the help file. I have have indeed progressed to the point of having a stash. I even put items in the shared stash and normal stash as well to see if that mad a difference but it did not.

Well, if you see the stash in game but not in the tool, the game and the tool are using different save dirs.

But the program loads up my character just fine in the Character Editor. So it has to be the same directory right?

Yes, unless you switched from local to cloud or vice versa after creating your chars, but then those chars would be outdated.

There is an easy check, go to the save dir you specified in GD Stash and check if it contains a transfer.gst file.

If it does, press the Reload button in the tool and check if it now shows the stash.

There is no transfer file anywhere. I am pretty sure I only used cloud saving and never switched. IS there a way to get the file back?

well, if there is no transfer file on your disk then GD Stash cannot find one :wink:

Even when you use cloud save, there are files on your HD. You found your chars after all. So if you do not have a transfer.gst in the cloud save dir, then I assume you are using the char stash, not the shared stash.

EDIT: you create the shared stash by talking to the Smuggler and switching to the shared stash (you can access both a char specific and a shared stash via the Smuggler).

I looked in the actual directory itself and there is an actual transfer.gst file there but for some reason the program is not picking it up. Even after pushing reload it does nothing.

I added pics to show that the file is indeed in the directory that the program is set to.

So how does your Transfer Stash page look, do you see any files in the drop-down list ?

Your shared stash is empty, so do not expect to see more than an empty stash.

There is no file in the drop down list

edit: Now its showing up… Well that was weird and I changed nothing since I started this post. Maybe its a bug I don’t know but its working now. Thank you for your time

That should be impossible. Can you show a screenshot ?

Now I have a new problem… After putting an item into the stash and saving it the item does not appear in game.

I would but since it now shows up I don’t know if I can duplicate the problem

Cloud save has a tendency to screw things up. Ideally you do not have GD running while changing the stash outside of GD when using cloud save.

With local saves there is no issue doing so, the only restriction there is that you cannot have the shared stash open in game at the same time.

Right, OK then. Everything is now working as it should be (I believe) and was able to get what I wanted.

Thanks again