Help with ironing out kinks in Firewave Commando

Aah. That does make sense fabius + iron maiden sucks.

On the op setup with 3.2 base oa plus full Flashbang and Fighting Spirit, Bear King medal with might be better, even offensively, due to crit dmg that’s lacking. 2 ranks to Rending also give lots of flat with Cinder belt and Light’s Oath ring. Hard to say without testing. Blood Sigil is just a suggestion.

I’m not too sold on using BwC here, though. Shar’Zul already has flat oa shred. But that devo path by Mad Lee looks good…And BwC is useful for devo proccing which fire builds always have some trouble with.

Btw I’m wondering how Firewave is doing across classes now. Warlord is probably better. In AoM tactician outperformed commando but this might not be the case anymore with the new mines and other stuff.

Although I never played with fire Forcewave (only phys), I have to say that your build looks pretty solid at this point…

I don’t know how much Crucible you have played up until now, but maybe your issues are a more matter of experience? Personally, I had a lot of difficulties surviving Gladiator Crucible for a long time, simply because I didn’t know how to navigate it safely (with an overly reckless playstyle being the most important problem).

Something that definitely helped me with that (apart from watching videos of pros like Mercymaker & John_Smith) was this awesome Crucible guide by sir_spanksalot, so if you haven’t read that one yet, I would definitely recommend doing it :slight_smile:
Whilst, at first glance, it contains a somewhat overwhelming amount of info, it’s good to try and remember at least 2-3 of his points every time you play.

Some tips I remember from playing with a Forcewave char myself: 1. in dangerous situations, attack from the middle-distance. Forcewave is a ranged attack, and that is a big part of its defensive plan. 2. don’t kite too little – but don’t kite too much, either! You need to deal dmg to leech life from your enemies. 3. lure strong enemies into narrow pathways like the one behind the balustrades in the Crucible of the Dead or in the center of the Cruc./Deeps to a) prevent being surrounded (less damage taken) and b) line up your enemies in a neat line (more Forcewave dmg dealt).

I hope this helps :see_no_evil:

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m sure inexperience is partially to blame. I used to run Crucible (challenger, as i am trying now) pretty reliably before FG came out. I’ll give that a solid read over and see if i’m making any glaring mistakes. Just based on skimming over it once, it seems i have been choosing maps that were way too open, i’m sure that doesn’t help seeing how forcewave has a relatively narrow AoE path.