Help with my "Bard" please.

Hey. Could I get a bit of feedback on this please.

It’s an Infiltrator with a Bard ‘n’ Blades theme and a generally aesthetically pleasing blue feel, pretty much all their spells and procs are the blue/white of elemental power damage and affects.

Bard theme as we’re going with the Word of… skills, and Horn of Gandar, Rumour and Bard’s harp.

Currently 58 and playing pretty well, it’s a primarily Pierce/Elemental build. Left mouse is Blade trap on a short cooldown. right click is Word of Pain with Seekers. Seekers and Blade spirits give it a feeling of a pet class without the hassle of gearing/keeping them alive and the one point winders in Night-blade act for mobility to deliver the Horn where it’s going to hurt.

The plan gear wise is of course to use Rimetongue one day, as it will allow Blade Trap to shine, and a couple of mythical rings of the Runefather. Beyond that, no idea.

I know it’s way not an optimal build (messy damage types, limited RR), but it’s fun and looks damn good on the screen!

Any feedback welcome.

Censure, man. It’s what you take inquisitor for.

While I agree it would really help out…

…it’s not blue. Would spoil the look. :yum: