Help with my build..please.

I am a fan of looting and seeing what cool sparklies i get more than the proc this and buff that, unfortunately, and because of this i have came for your help.

I have had problems with both skeleton key areas and i am hoping for help with my build to make it as strong as possible with what i have and what my aims should be towards my build in the future.

i am level 61 elementalist
I am also willing to learn about what i need and what my aims should be for my build if there are any dumbed down tutorials for a novice who just likes killing and hoarding just like smeegle.
Any ideas?
Be as caustic as you please as long as it constructive…thnx ahead of time.

What kind of weapons are you using? Melee or ranged, one or two handed?

Post a pic of your character screen (w/ resists and health).

thnx for the interest…

i am using a two handed melee weapon
here are all the stats you require.

I had a hard time seeing pics, but can give you a few suggestions when I get home, can’t grimcalc on my phone.

thnx man…thats cool

If you are playing at all until then, I can tell you this much. Drop primal strike, max wendigo totem, drop stun jacks completely, put one point in all of fire strike chain including sub item, then max brimstone and static strike, drop storm totem, put a point in top 2hand shaman chain, and get feral strike to 25% chance.

If you don’t already have kraken devotion, try to get it (I think it’s kraken, top alittle to left, requires 2 handed weapon.

Your DPS is probably your biggest problem, it has to be higher. You maxed both masteries a little too early while neglecting skills. You should prioritize maxing your main damage skill early since its the best DPS boost. You should either max primal strike and torrent already, or go for fire strike with brimstone and static strike maxed, and add explosive strike later

thnx all for the input…great advice.

I’m a little strapped for time, but threw this together for you quick.

awesome man…thnx for the futureproofing…