Help with my "first" build

Hello Grim Dawn vets. I bought this game about a week ago, and I must say it is becoming a bit of a obsession. I really enjoy messing around on Grimcalc with all the different builds.

I played to 20 as a Shaman to get a feel for the game. Max grasping vines and falcon swoop just destroyed everything. Anyway, I want something tanky for a build that I plan to play through all the difficulties. After lurking here for a bit, and deciding to go soldier, I have these two builds that I have been tinkering around with on Grimcalc:

Commando: commando devotion set up

torch to flash bang
wendigo to firestrike (war cry?)
turtle to flame touched
giants blood to vindictive flame


turtle to veil of shadow
giants blood to field command
falcon swoop to blade arch
huntress to blade spirit(?)
dryad to ring of steel

Like a said I have only played to 20 so any help and or advice on easiest to gear,best at late game farming, best at surviving (I hate pot chugging and deaths) or any other tips would be most welcome.