Help with my warder build!

Hello g uys!

As i`m new to grimdawn, i would like to ask for your advice. If you can offer any tips or "do so " to improve him, some item recomandation to farm, some enchants, please. do tell me !

I started a warder, and after reading some forum advices i decided i`m goona make him psy oriented.

This is my first char, so, self found. I would like to make him viable to farm ultimate, so i can gear other chars.

Here are his currents stats:

Level 56 with 38 points in physique, 16 in cunning and 1 in spirit (read that i should put 7 points in spirit for ammus)
1189 - offensive ability
1352 - defensive ability
6455 hp

resistances (elite):
fire - 80, cold 27, lighting-57, poison-37, pierce-65, bleeding-0, vitality-55, aether-8, stun-30, chaos-32

Curently in act 2

This is the skill build

falcon 5/5
sailor 4/4
kraken 5/5
dire bear 5/5
tortoise 5/5
empty throne 4/4
hawk 3/3

Main skill is savagery, as you can see, AoE comes from procs

Devotion binds:

Savagery + maul (dire bear )
Field Command +turtle shell ( tortoise)
Feral Hunger + Falcon Swoop (hawk)


2h Weapon: the guillotine
Chest : Devils Cage Hauberk’s-Cage-Hauberk
Legs : Demonbone Legplates
Feet : Golemborn graves
Gloves: Silktouch Handwraps
Belt: Headhunter Trophy’s-Trophy

Random rings and ammu…

Bump ? please, anyone?
Some survability? some enchants for weapons and armors? Olreons or Primal Bond exclusive?

Can’t say much, besides to check out other warder builds. There are plenty on the forums.
To things to add survivablity, get a hollowed fang for your weapon. Or better yet, haunted steel.
Also get wendingo totem, drop it next to you as you fight.
Start pumping some points into passives to get higher hp.

Your gear and setup looks very similar to what my warden used to be before I swapped to a melee lightning build focused on savagery/primal strike.

I found Feral Hunger to be outclassed by Devouring Swarm, personally. You are going to be point starved, and DS gives you lifesteal much like Feral Hunger, but in addition lowers the target’s bleed resist.

Something like this setup perhaps:

The 1 point into grasping vines I found useful for kiting situations.

Edit: I think what you actually want to do is get to Primal Bond asap. Its just so powerful for bleed builds and the dmg absorb is very nice.
I figured out how to do it at level 55 with some of your skills retained. Then you just start working the other skills outlined in the first link back into your build from 56+:

Wendigo Totem is also very nice and worth a few points early on.

Here is a guide by jajaja, whose builds are always well thought out and well researched:

His thoughts on leveling as a physical based warder are as follows:

Leveling guide:
Lvl with physical focused primal strike. get primal bond. After finishing primal bond primal strike+torrent+heart of the wild. Then go into soldier’s passives.

Initially find high dmg 2hander, both range+melee. go melee when u can tank, if cant, go range. silverbolts is a great weapon at lvl 50 to use all the way til 75. Oh and rush kraken on the devotion, u can get it really early, shit is beyond broken and makes leveling a joke.