Help with optimizing Vindicator (currently 2H ranged PS)


I just hit the Gloomwald waypoint in Ultimate and picked that gun up, replacing a level 70 version…carrying around some gear swap options when resists are necessary but this has been working pretty well so far.

Basically I don’t think it’s as efficient as it could be but don’t know what to change, both survivability and damage took a big drop in A5. Devotions and skills could probably use some work…not really sure if Censure is better than Pact? Stormbox over totem?

(I’m also open to converting into a totem build but would need to find a Stormstrife or something)

PS I have an aether resist ring on swap as needed and will make an Eye of the Storm tomorrow

Look my guide for ideas! I have both storm totem caster and Ranged versions. [] Beginners/Budget Vindicator,lightning Caster/2h Ranged versions

Aura of Censure is must for Vindicator. If you don’t use it, it’s better to select different class like Occultist for support.

Thanks…the problem is that I don’t understand why my build isn’t as efficient as it can be, or why your skill/devotion choices might be better :confused:

because Nery is using more resistance reductions and savagery stack buffs.

also do not neglect freebie items like fettan mask and faction gear and “random” green items.