Help with pet build

Hello guys, i’m really new to game, bought it 3 days ago, and i’ve being researching for build pets, but most seems to use 3-4 pets, couldn’t find any that use more.

Would anyone of you know if there is a build focus 100% on pet that could create more, like 8 or something, a small army^^ and that is hardcore viable?

ps> i was trying this one -> but its kind boring, low pet amount, do it also ignore all pet skills, i don’t know got it to lvl 31 and couldn’t take anymore seem most of my pet doing only single target dmg.

There are only so many permanent pets; Raven, Hellhound, Briarthorn. You can get a few more from gear; Blighted Rift Scourge (Blightshard Amulet), Revenant of Og’Napesh (Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh), and Stormhound (Savage relic)

There are some other temporary pets you can get from gear, but they don’t stick around very long.

Here’s a Helpful Link to Available Pets

Have you looked at this build? It’s the one I used to make my Summoner.

Hi, first of all, tnks for the replies.

This lazy Pokemon build is the one i’m following, i tried to link on the post but since i had less the 3 posts i couldn’t post the link complete.

Anyway, i’m rly not enjoying this moment until this point, all my pets only atk single target, with make it boring and slow, on act 1 it was ok since it was one-shoting all but now…

i actually have like 5 pets, the 3 permanent, on lightning dog from my off hand that appear sometimes but seems to be useless and some boss that i got a green sword in a dungeon that i access with the strange key, but he is so much bad… he last little, his ai is bad, his move speed in ultra slow with makes his lose to much time doing nothing…

i also find strange that this build ignore all the permanent pet active skills, maybe i will try to build my on way even if it doesn’t say to good, but i can’t use this build on hc yet, im so fragile that one small mistake its bye bye.

Intering build, very diferrent from most, gona take a look latter, tnks.

There’s no way to get 8 permanent pets and you’re supposed to max the pet skills to make them kill stuff. If you max the briarthorn then hellhound you shouldn’t have much troubles for.many levels. Also you need to focus on gear that improves pets, damage, speed and so on… After you get better gear they kill faster just like you would after finding a better sword on a melee build.
The Salazar blade is decent on higher levels but mostly because it adds +2 skills to two pets (and if I recall correctly could get of the wilds mod which would increase briarthorn as well). The revenant of ognapesh is slow in the beginning but is helpful later as well, it boosts the other pets and helps with debuffs.
The Devotions are also helpful in making the pets work.

That other build that’s posted… I haven’t tried it but when looking at it I see three pets used and all are underleveled, on more or less a bare minimum, and to be honest I don’t see how you would get more pets or how any of them would be useful beyond normal difficulty… Didn’t look at Devotions though.

But basically you can get 5-6 permanent pets and primal spirit for a possible 7th. You need the gear though. And they all add up in the end, buffs debuffs and damage.

Not sure what you expected starting from scratch really, an army of invincibility from level 1? :S

The build works and it’s very safe if you learn how aggro works (let pets attack a bit before you curse and so on) but calling pet build slow from start… Just max the pets and it’s very fast.

well, let me try to me more clearly, i’m following the pokemon lazy… build point by point.

Its being solid, since it was my first char in this game i didn’t make it on hc yet, i died twice on act 2 where i ended up aggroing with my curse in a closed room and got stucked.

Anyway, about the pets, this build doesn’t take any point on pet other then the one that summons it, so basically i’m finding they to be to simple, u summon then and they just single target forever, maybe with higher lvl or better gear there maybe something that add some aoe to then, but for now, im at lvl 31 and they still only single target with make field clearing slow.

Also agro management is easy, u just need to let all monster try to hit once ur pet so u can use debuff without getting agro, works almost all the time.

I was hoping for something with more cleave if possible or with pets that had more interesting atks.